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hey guys, i have a i5 760 stable @ 3.8. for some reason i cant get it to 4.0 like most others. i dont know what the problem is and need some advice.

my settings are:

CPU Vcore : 1.32v
BCLK : 200
CPU Multiplier : 20.0
DRAM Voltage : 1.65
DRAM Frequency : 1600
DRAM Timings : 8, 8, 8, 24
PCI-E Frequency : 100

The rest is on auto and all turbo, speed sep ect is disabled. also, Load line calibration is enabled.

My current settings at my stable oc are:

CPU Vcore : 1.24
BCLK : 200
CPU Multiplier : 19.0
DRAM timings : 9, 9, 9, 24

Any help is much appreciated.
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  1. just to add, when i clock my cpu at 4.0 and run prime95 my temps are 65-70 degrees. But after 3 minutes or so my p.c shuts down.
  2. Try for a 195 bclk x 20 cpu multiplier. Back your RAM's frequency down and set to 9-9-9-27. You can speed it up again after you get your CPU OC stable. Lower your QPI - if I remember correctly your options are 36 and 32, set it to x32. You may have to bump your Vtt up a little. If it's at 1.1 now, try 1.14. You may find this helpful: http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/mainboards/display/asus-p7p55d-deluxe.html

    Also, please list all components and links are helpful.
  3. Also, I had the same problem with my AMD getting too hot and shutting down. I added zerotherm and it finished without shutting down. FYI I wouldn't run prime95 because your never gonna run 100% of each core. Downlaod 3DMARK06 and if you can pass the 2 cpu tests then your golden. Also try lowering your multiplier and upping your bus, ht and NB. I have a Phenom II X3 740BE and im at 3.84 GHZ running:
    Bus : 240 x (16 the multiplier) 1.552 Volts
    HT: down clocked the HT to 1920
    North Bridge 2400 MHZ
    then 240 x 6.67 = 1600 mhz at 1:3 ratio 7-8-7-24 1T
  4. are you setting your ram at 1333 and clocking up to 1600 or just at 1600 in your bios?
    it makes a difference because if you at 1333 and clocking up to 1600 then you need to multiply your bus x 6.67 ( which is 1333 ) or x 800 ( which is 1600 )
  5. FYI that zero therm dropped my temp 30 degrees Celsius from stock paste with a Zalman 9700
  6. Hi, I'm also new on the OC with my i5 760 and I've been reading quite a lot lately before attempting my OC. Although I've many years of experience with systems it's my first serious OC and I'm not planning to reach 4 GHz but something below that and stable.

    The first thing we should know is your system setup, what components you have and all your BIOS information/voltages.

    I'll add to this post if I may, my system config and what I was able to do so far. I'm planning to change a few things and leave it @3.6GHz.

    i5 760
    Asus P7P55D-E (latest bios)
    G Skill ripjaws 2x 2GB CL7 - 1600MHz - 1.6v
    2x OCZ Vertex 2E 60GB Raid 0 + couple of drives for storage
    Win7 64bits
    CM 690 II with 5x120mm fan
    CPU Cooler is a Megahalem rev. b with 2x Akasa Viper in Push/Pull config, using the thermal paste that came with the Megahalem, therefore I have a tube of AS5, not planning to use thought.

    I've noticed that my MOBO auto disable and hide the Turbo function if BCLK is over 150, up to 149 it allows me to enable SpeedStep and Turbo, over that both functions are auto disabled and I can't turn SpeedStep On. I can turn on C1E and C State thought.

    I've played a bit with my system and got 2 configs working fine, done some stressing with LinX with no problems:

    First Config @ 3.6GHz - With C1E and C State Enable, you get lower clocks while idle and the temps are good too, I might stick with this config and tweak it a bit.

    BCLK 200
    Multi 18
    Vcore 1.175v
    QPI VTT/IMC - 1.1625v
    PCH - Auto
    PLL - 1.80v
    CPU Spread Spectrum - Disable
    Hardware Prefetcher - Enable
    Adjacent Cache Line - Enable
    Load Line Calibration - Auto
    CPU Diff - Auto
    CPU Clock Skew - Auto
    DRAM - 1.6
    RAM @ 1600MHz with CL7 settings manually set
    C1E Enable
    C State Enable/Auto

    Room temp about 26 Celsius
    Idle Temp 34 31 34 30
    Load Temp 61 58 58 58

    LinX Results
    Problem Size 20154 Memory 3115 (All)
    LDA 20168 - Align 4 - Time 103.849 - GFlops 52.5599

    Second Config @ 3.39GHz with Turbo On - reaching sometimes 3.73GHz but for some reason while stress testing (100% usage), the speed is stuck @3.39GHz

    BCLK 149
    Multi Auto (21 default minimum)
    Vcore 1.168v
    QPI VTT/IMC - 1.1625v
    PCH - Auto
    PLL - 1.80v
    CPU Spread Spectrum - Disable
    Hardware Prefetcher - Enable
    Adjacent Cache Line - Enable
    Load Line Calibration - Auto
    CPU Diff - Auto
    CPU Clock Skew - Auto
    DRAM - 1.6
    RAM @ 1490MHz with CL7 settings manually set
    C1E Enable
    C State Enable/Auto
    SpeedStep Enable
    TurboMode Enable

    Room temp about 26 Celsius
    Idle Temp 34 31 33 29
    Load Temp 59 55 55 55

    LinX Results
    Problem Size 20014 Memory 3072 (All)
    LDA 20024 - Align 4 - Time 112.243 - GFlops 47.6227

    As you can see there's some difference here and I'll stick with the 3.6 GHz for a while, I migh try to drop a bit the Vcore and IMC (VTT) to see if it runs stable. I also need to run Battlefield BC2 to check if everything is Ok.

    Now lets see your case, I think that you can run a Vcore even lower than that but check your VTT/IMC and your PLL voltage as if you leave it on Auto, the MOBO may increase the value too much. I've noticed that running the system with 3.6GHz and IMC on Auto, the IMC was at 1.27v and now I'm running it at 1.1625.

    Also check your memory timings and config.

    I saw in a Portuguese forum one guy that reached Stable 4 GHz with Vcore of only 1.2v, that gives room for improvement.

    I think that this is a great processor to overclock and it's not so voltage hungry. I'm sorry if I added a lot of info from my system here. I hope we can help each other as it's really time consuming to research about OC information. Most information out there is for the i5 750. The i5 760 has its particularities x21 as default, Vcore max voltage increased, etc.

  7. Hey, people. One thread; one problem.

    Ahumpers, you especially need to start your own thread. Original poster has an Intel system. And his problems have nothing to do with thermal management.
  8. I can put my opinion and advice where I please JSC!
  9. You can. But for the sanity of all you shouldn't. Simple example - it's like telling him to turn on Cool & Quiet. It doesn't exist on an Intel chip. In a similar way, your bus, Vs, memory multiplier and NB settings are irrelevant to OPs situation and configuration. May as well go around the forums telling everyone installing an aftermarket left-handed smoke shifter, or hunting for an add-in snipe card, will solve their problems.
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