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This topic isn't really a question or concern, but rather something I wanted to do as a way to thank Zalman for the past design competition/giveaway.

I'm sure most of you heard about the "Zalman Wants You Designing Its Next Heatsink" competition a few weeks ago. Well, it turns out I somehow was one of the winners, and was offered a choice of the three models of the $50 VF3000a VGA Cooler. I requested the VF3000a (Radeon), and in a little less than a week I received a package, only to find that they had sent me some strange 'Sample'-package containing a VF3000n (nVidia) in a Radeon 5870/5850 box. The black heatsinks for an nVidia card were red, and it was missing the large one seen in the image below. I don't really know what they sent me... It was a mix-and-match box of Radeon and nVidia parts with the wrong heatsink (but still operational). No manual, either. I promptly sent them a message, and was told to just keep the VF3000n and they were going to send me another package - which they did.

I just received the new package yesterday, and all is well. The VF3000a is an amazing cooler to look at, and I'm sure it will work spectacularly when I actually get it installed. I just wanted to put this topic up to thank Zalman for their excellent customer support I received when talking to them, and for basically giving me $90 of VGA Coolers and parts. :D

Excellent job, Zalman. Keep up the excellent support. :)

A on top, N on bottom. I now have two fan controllers, two packets of grease, little RAM-Sinks out the wazoo, some long heatsink-strips, a VF3000a, a VF3000n, lots of spare screws/nuts, and soon to be a very cool graphics card.

Anyone else have any thoughts on Zalman?
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  1. I don't like them. I'm using a Zalman CNPS10X Extreme cooler - pretty much their big bertha - and the PWM aspect of the fan broke. I emailed them, and was told to fill the RMA form out. I've done that. Twice. With no response. I've now bought a Scythe Slip Stream PWM fan to replace it, works fine (although a huge bitch to mount) and I'm not going to support Zalman again.
  2. I figured someone would say that. I guess it really depends on who you contact or who's on shift... maybe I just got lucky, or maybe you got a really bad rep or something. I was really kind of surprised I even got a message back when I emailed them, but they responded to my request later that day...

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with them. That's my only complaint about the VF3000, too - the fact that I have to use the included Fan Mate 2 controller. That's not a bad thing because it's really pretty good at doing its job, it's just an inconvenience. I guess Fans aren't really Zalman's area of interest. Oh well...
  3. Yeah well I was going to send them another email to say "hey! WTF!?" but instead spent $18 on the Scythe fan and it's done.

    I mean it's great that you won the competition and got good support, it just sucks that they seem to be so wishy washy with the support.

    Since there's so much competition in the markets Zalman is in, I'm quite certain I can live without them lol.
  4. Heh, I guess you're right. On the other hand, though, I bet if you tried to RMA something to Scythe for that matter, there's always the chance you could get the same results. Customer support these days is really hit or miss...
  5. True enough!
  6. Well, keep us posted on how it works once you get it installed.

    I've used their CPU coolers in the past which worked fine, however I never dealt with support.
  7. I'll plan on installing and testing it later today. This isn't my picture (Credits to Asmola @ xtremesystems.org), but it should give you a general idea of what it will look like later. It's a triple slot cooler, but I don't really have the need (or money) to CrossFire a second 5830 right now anyway.

    I'm wondering whether to use the included thermal grease or some of my TX-2?...
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