Seperate hdd and os problem

I have xp32bit installed on my old hdd and recently installed windows 7 on a new hdd.
the new drive running windows 7 is working fine but when I switch drives in the bios to my old drive with xp I get to my desktop and shutdown due to a recent hardware change.
I discovered that unplugging my dvd rom power lead cures the problem.
Is this a sata port and or jumper problem?
sata 1 new hdd with windows 7 seperate power cable
sata 3 dvd rom shared power cable with sata 4
sata 4 old hdd with xp shared power cable
sata 2 runs to external port
would appreciate any help I can get......................
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  1. try letting it boot up with the win7 hdd unplugged completely so its just old hdd and dvd. reboot and then shutdown. replug the new hdd and see how it goes. also try changing ports around.
  2. I will give that a try tomorrow blackmancer thanks for the idea.
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