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I bought a Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus a few weeks ago along with some Zalman ZM-STG1. I've read some nasty things about the ZM-STG1. I was reading it dries up quick and other things....anyways I was wondering a few things.

First off: After the 7 day break in, I'm getting 37 idle and 59 under load. After being under load, the temps jump straight down. I've also read that these temps aren't that bad. question. I recently found some thermal grease I've used in the past. It's Thermstrate TC-175-125C.

Heres a picture of it.....

I'm wondering if this would make a difference in temperatures. I've never used that type of grease(bar application). I'm not sure if anyone's used the ZM-STG1 either.

Just want to know if it would be a good idea to try the Thermstrate stuff, or to just leave my ZM-STG1 on.
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  1. your temps are fine, i suggest you leave it alone. 59 on load is very respectable indeed.
  2. Do you think this type of paste would do a better job or do you think the Zalman stuff would be better. Lately I've noticed my temps are getting I'm hitting 62 underload. I've read about how *** the Zalman stuff is and now I'm beginning to see what they meant. Maybe I'm just paranoid from old bad experiences.
    What do yall think?
  3. Why wouldn't you just use the supplied CM paste? i did and it's fine.
  4. I couldn't. When I bought the Hyper 212+ it had been returned by someone. The thermal grease was missing from the box, so I got a discount.

    I'm running 35-36C with all my Firefox windows up as well as my email.
    Under load I don't go above 61C.

    I'd really like lower temperatures because I'm thinking about overclocking.
  5. Your temps aren't bad. New paste, the best latest brand would give you better cooling.

    How much? Maybe 1-2 C, and thats a HUGE maybe. Buy some quality Tpaste, enough for 2-4 uses and call it a day.

    What to buy? OMG, that question can run in circles in fourms for years. I recommend MX-2. Popular, easy to apply, and I like it.

    Supporting link:

    Ohh We have no idea what processor, effective case cooling setup, ambient temps you have. So 61C might be great, might be terrible. In fact the 59C to 61C swing your seeing could be your room is warmer.
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