Recommendations for low-profile video cards

I have a low-profile CPU (a damn Dell, dude!) and it has on-board video that is surprisingly not too bad for routine use, but I want to do some minor gaming (nothing new or power-hungry, just 3 or more year old games and some video conversions and movie watching.

Can anyone recommend a single (I've only got one PCI-E slot) video card that will work in a low-profile computer and give good price/performance?


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  1. You'll need to list what power supply your Dell has since that's probably going to be the limiting factor in what graphic card you can use in your slimline case.
  2. Right. Well, the PS is potentially upgradeable, but currently there is a 305 Watt power supply. I have an extra 450 Watt PS hanging around that I could try to put in.

    Thanks again for all of your help
  3. Can I use a low profile video card with a full sized desktop computer?... (sorry not to high jack or anything)
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