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hey guys, i have a i5 760 stable @ 3.8. for some reason i cant get it to 4.0 like most others. i dont know what the problem is and need some advice.

my settings are:

CPU Vcore : 1.32v
BCLK : 200
CPU Multiplier : 20.0
DRAM Voltage : 1.65
DRAM Frequency : 1600
DRAM Timings : 8, 8, 8, 24
PCI-E Frequency : 100

The rest is on auto and all turbo, speed sep ect is disabled. also, Load line calibration is enabled.

My current settings at my stable oc are:

CPU Vcore : 1.24
BCLK : 200
CPU Multiplier : 19.0
DRAM timings : 9, 9, 9, 24

Any help is much appreciated.

just to add, when i clock my cpu at 4.0 and run prime95 my temps are 65-70 degrees. But after 3 minutes or so my p.c shuts down.
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  1. i am really stuck and keep getting the switch off. .
  2. The jump to 4.0 is big....what kind of cooling are you using?

    Maybe 3.8 is not so bad to live with. If your cooling can take it you and always bump the vcore (you know that) or play with theblck / multiplier settings...try 210x19?
  3. you need better cooling and more voltage or else you are not going to get there

    just be happy with what you have it's pretty awesome already
  4. try

    BCLK : 191
    CPU Multiplier : 21
    DRAM timings : 9, 9, 9, 24
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