Hello, I hope someone can help me because this problem is driving me nuts. I h


I hope someone can help me because this problem is driving me nuts. I have had the P5KC for about a year and haven't ever had problems with it. I tend to run my machines for long periods of time and only shut them down periodically, the rest of the time they run. Just recently I moved house so shut the machine down to move it and now it doesn't restart cleanly. Initially it wouldn't post, then it started posting and booting into Windows XP, sometimes it would shutdown in the splash screen of XP other times it would wait at the prompt for a few seconds and then shutdown.

In short, the machine stays up for about one minute max and then shuts down (sometimes it doesn't even post). It will shutdown within the BIOS screens as well.

I have tried reseating the RAM, clearing the BIOS and taking out the SATA drives all to no real improvement.

The specification of the machine is as follows:

Asus P5KC motherboard.
Intel Q6600 (not overclocked)
4Gb of Corsair 800Mhz RAM.
2 SATA drivers - Seagates 500Gb and 1000Gb.
IDE DVD ROM drive.
Bios 1105
GForce 6600GT graphics card.

Any help would be greatly appeciated.


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  1. Sorry about the topic, I entered something into a field but it didn't appear when it was posted. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. check all your power cable connection make sure there is no loose connection especially to ur mobo. I believe your mobo should have the 24pin atx and the 8pin
    check both sometimes if the 8 pin is not connected properly this could occur i believe.

    hope it helps
  3. Thanks for the quick response. The cables that you mentioned looked OK but I took them out and put them in again and it displayed the same behaviour. I then restarted it but put the machine horizontally rather than vertically (it is a tower) and it has been running OK for five minutes...

    Very strange...
  4. hmmm that is strange, i had problems with my new setup yesterday,
    i built mysef an i7 920 with asus P6T and for some reason i could get bios to post if i made any changes to it.

    then very weird if i kept hiting power on/off (toggled) and unplug and replug the power supply constantly it would post...

    not sure if i wil have that problem again after installing os. i have restarted my puter 3 times so far since yesterday and so far so good..

    dont know why
  5. Could be a bad PSU.

    Could be the capacitors on your motherboard are leaking.

    Anyway your components are only designed to run for a finite number of hours (usually on a bell curve so most last just past the point of warranty). Some last longer, some don't. The point is every hour you have it on not doing anything is hours chipped off that components life, you know just an FYI.
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