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alright, so, i intend on building a new system for the first time in years. it's been a while since i've built one, so i need a little guidance on this. i want a system that'll be strong in multitasking, have lots of storage, and whose most power-hungry activities will probably be encoding/transcoding and watching high-quality rips and perhaps some light gaming (but nothing too heavy, i'm more of a console gamer than a pc gamer). the main components i need some feedback are on the processor, motherboard, video card, power supply, and i guess memory. the rest i can figure out on my own. i'm looking to make a complete build that totals 1200 or so max, but if i could keep everything down to around 1000, that'd be ideal.

thanks in advance everyone.
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  1. Overclocking?


    Have a look at my guide and then we'll see. Possibly a cheap i7 build or maybe something with a Q9550.
  2. just to kick this off a little, would the amd phenom ii x4 920 be more of a value pick than the similarly priced intel core 2 quad q6600 due to the better power consumption?
  3. yeah, i don't mind overclocking. i would like a cheap i7 build to be sure, but from my browsing, i don't think it seems all that possible to build a cheap i7 system given the premium on ddr3 ram, the processor, and the motherboard, but maybe i'm mistaken.
  4. What all do you need? Monitor? keyboard? mouse?
  5. well, i already know what i'll be getting as far as a case, keyboard, mouse, etc., so i left that out. but if you need me to list that stuff, i'll be happy to oblige.
  6. But was that included in the 1K?
  7. i guess so, haha. alright, i'll just include the pieces i've picked out so far:


    antec p182, 124.99



    logitech mx1100, 74.99



    das keyboard professional, 129.00



    western digital caviar black, 1 tb, 129.99


    (i might possibly get two, undecided about that)
  8. OK, here is a list that includes i7 parts, and comes to 1K. ignore the parts you already chose, as those are fine.

    PC P&C 500W
  9. ah, the wishlist won't come up, it's asking me to log in and i don't have an account currently. make one, i guess?
  10. Yes, but while you are at that I'll post some parts.
    i7 920
    GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD3R LGA 1366 Intel X58
    G.Skill DDR3 6GB
    HIS 4850
  11. It looks to me like you can have an i7 build and still get everything you want.
  12. so, is 500 watts enough power for everything? 600-750 safer?
  13. That will cover the system fine. You should never ask me if you need more because I'll always encourage you... I like my PSUs to be massive overkill, because I like them to last forever.

    My favorites in the price/value category right now are:
    Especially the red one

    Although, this Corsair 650TX is a good deal now as well:
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