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my monitor says no signal when connected to tower...but works ok on laptop...all was well before i unplugged to change desk and add more ram.....tower still turns on ok with all fans , leds, hard drive coming on....using the vga port on back of tower i dont have hdmi or dvi ports...have no idea what the other port is for just above blue monitor port(has a square box with 2 circles in it i persume its to link two monitors but dont no)....

i have brought extra graphics card with vga and dvi ports on it but how do i install with out monitor working.....any ideas or do i need a new motherboard....HELP DRIVING ME MAD!!!!!!!!!! :fou: :fou:
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  1. Im no Sherlock but if the monitor works with the laptop but not with the tower than I guess its the tower thats screwed, dont you?

    1st!!!! - remove that new ram you added

    Spinning fans and leds coming on mean nothing, do you get any beeps from the pc when you turn it on? Were you getting any prior to that ram upgrade? Turn the speakers on/plug in headphones - if it works normally but for the video than you should hear windows sounds when it loads(unless you turned them off of course)

    I assume your PC has integrated video card(not in a card form like the extra one you brought, but with the vga port coming "directly" from motherboard). Put the one you brought in(in an appropriate slot!!!), connect the monitor, give it a try - if it works than the NO SIGNAL should dissappear the moment you plug the monitor into it. If it doesnt, and the integrated vga really is broken than you may need a new mobo.
  2. thanks i thought it was mobo...but wanted to check else where first...all was well before ram upgrade one beep,but then tower shut down and wouldnt start up again checked all voltages all ok from power it working again but still no signal....which is annoying as mobo just gone twelve months old...just gonna build a new one and see how it goes this time.....
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