Power for gtx295

Hey guys

I just purchased a Zotac gtx295...
I currently have a Unib EN-750VP 750w psu

I don't know much about power supply at all. When i read the reqs for the gtx295 it said a 680w psu.... which i have...
But when i switch on the pc i see nothing on my screens.

I have connected the auxilliary power through a 6-pin cable.
I'm hoping my problem has something to do with my stupidity rather than a faulty card.

the psu specs are here. Do one of these cables only carry an 18A current maybe, and i need to merge three of them to get over the 47A 12V requirement of the card?

Also there is a 1-pin GND and 1-pin SPDIF connector on the card which i haven't connected, as i thought this shouldnt affect its fundamental functionality..

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  1. hey man
    thanks so much for the response

    I did read the requirements (but i incorrectly typed 47A in my post). But i misread the cable part - thought it said "6 OR 8 pin", mainly coz i didn't see an 8-pin connector. my manual doesn't exactly give any detailed instructions besides that.

    AH after a thorough scan of the card, I just realised they covered the 8-pin socket with a sticker! hahaha... man...

    dude thank you so much - its all working now.... silly me
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