Unlocking and overclocking Phenom 555 BE with MSI 870-g45 mobo

I have just successfully build my new PC, now it is time to unlock some cores and give it a boost.

Phenom x2 555 BE and MSI 870-g45

Where do i start, what would you recommend, which programs to get? (besides prime95 and speedfan obvi) Thank you for advice. I am really really new to this. :)

Come on give a noob some advice....
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  1. I am guessing i have to update the bios first, correct?
  2. helpp?
  3. can i get some guide? direct me to a sticky or a tutorial? thanks
  4. i would assume nobody is answering because your asking basic questions that are answered all over the forum and spamming prolly dont help :P that big gray bar on top that says search might be something useful
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