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I just ordered a WD caviar black 1tb and a Rosewill RX-358-S enclosure for it, planning on making it my backup drive as well a my video media and fraps recording device. I had a couple questions though.

Do you think the black will be too hot in the external case, or if it would be better to place it in my tower (antec 1200)?

Would a caviar green be sufficient enough for fraps recording? you think I should just use the caviar black as my main drive and switch my current drive into the enclosure? (WD caviar blue 600gb)

Basically im wondering if the black will be good for recording and editing as well as a backup
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  1. from my experience, the only benefit of an external case is transportation, as a backup device its a terrible option. put the drive inside your tower. editing and recording require a little cpu horsepower as well - what cpu, ram and mobo do u have? also do you have a budget? :P depends how serious you are about how much you want out of the setup
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