Intel HD graphics wont let me go beyond 3.52ghz on core i3 530

Hi everybody, I cannot find a way to overclock my Core i3 530 CPU beyond 3.52Ghz (122X160) @ 1.1v, I have managed to boot up 4.00Ghz (20X200) @ 1.25V but when im in the W7 logon screen it starts flickering and showing artifacts so i have to go back to 3.52Ghz where is stable, is there a way to go beyond 3.52Ghz with Intel HD or I must go discrete???

I have tried rising up Video freq to 833, 866, 899 and 966Mhz but it doesnt even reach logon screen. At all freq i have tried 1.0V, 1.12V and 1.25V, same results.

Current specs

Intel i3 530 @ 3.52Ghz at 1.1V
GA h55m USB3
4gb ddr3 Jaw Eco series 1600Mhz 1.4v

Thank you very much for your help.
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  1. wow, i've no idea what your on about? sounds like you doing way to many things at once. forget about overclocking your graphics card if thats what your doing. concentrate on the CPU, and read a guide, just google it. then get voltage low as you can while stable.
    artifacts would be your graphics hardware overheating probably.
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    i managed to overclock mine upto a stable 3.8 Ghz and here is my story.

    i have recently overclocked my core i3 530 to a stable 3.8 Ghz,with 1.3 v-core and by increasing the bclk frequency to 200 and decreasing multiplier from 22 to 19x.
    Then in windows i opened asus turboV utility and increased my integrated gpu frequency upto 800 mhz (it was under clocked from its actual 733 mhz to 667 mhz by default) using easy mod.(you can do this in bios aswell)Gpu voltage at 800mhz was set to its max limit 1.7375 (V).

    Now gpu-z shows that my
    pixel and texture fillrate is 5.0 Gpixel/s ,Texels/s

    bandwidth is 13.2 GB/s
    Gpu core clock was a bit over than 1200 Mhz

    My pc config is
    asus p7h55-v
    2 GB ddr3 1333 kingston value ram
    460 watts cooler master pwr supply

    hope this will help you.please do not overclock your processor over 3.4 GHz on stock cooler.
  3. Thank you all, I never got to know how to OC my integrated graphics chip, actually I had to underclock it to reach 4ghz wich is possible, even 4.4Ghz with stock cooler if all you do is web surfing and watching movies, ZERO gaming, it will idle at 60~C by the way. Ok, after I purchased H50 and got a Gtx 460, no more overclocking to the integrated chip.

    I will choose mahmed to have the best answer due he gave me some ideas on how to do it.

    Thank you mahmed.
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