Extremely slow lan transfer (Less than 200 kb/s)

Alright, I have one PC running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, another running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit, and one running Windows XP Pro. They all see eachother fine and permissions are granted and file sharing works. However, the transfer speed is ridiculously slow, anywhere from 100-300 kb/s.

These slow transfers occur to and from every pc also, so I don't beleive an individual pc to be the problem, I have tried turning the RDC off and a few other options. However I beleive the slow transfers to be linked to the router possibly. The setup is the 2 Windows 7 PC's are wireless while the XP Pro machine is wired to the router through a PPoE connection.

Does anyone have any possibly ideas for a cure? I am big on data transfer and this is hampering it pretty well.
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  1. Well, you might check Network Connections and look at the Properties, Configure, Advanced of your wired NICs -- make sure that 100 half duplex or Auto is checked not one of the lower transmission speeds.

    I would also look closely at reception and interference issues on the wireless side.
  2. Duplex is set fine.

  3. try both computers in safemode with networking, maybe its a program or virus interfering, safemode will not run them.
    If all is ok, then you may have a bad driver or startup program .
    Goto MSCONFIG and disable all startup programs, if still slow, then goto SERVICES and disable all NONMICROSOFT services.

    Try different router, new cat5 cables, or get a wireless usb adapter.. You can get a wirelessN300 for about $20 which is 300Mbs vs 100Mbs on your nic, unless you have gigabit which I would recommend if you plan on moving Gigabytes of data frequently..

    Good Luck
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