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why is it that when i right click my computer and then choose properties it say " 8GB installed"But only " 7.25GB usable ??..wheres the other 0.75gb gone ?my spec is:

asus m4a77t motherboard
amd phenomii x2 565 black edition
8gb ( 4 x 2 ) ddr3 ram
300gb sata hdd
palit geforce gts 450 sonic platinum 1gb gddr5
. does my basic spec help at all??. thanks
windows 7 64 bit
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  1. goto msconfig->boot->advanced options

    uncheck the maximum memory options
  2. went into msconfig/boot/advanced options and the maximum memory option was already unchecked.thanks tho....any other thoughts ?
  3. ive done some research and solved this myself.go into bios and make sure memory remap/remapping is settings and computer properties says 8gb installed and 8gb usable.
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