Max Recommended CPU VDD for AMD Phenom II X3 720?

I just got a new motherboard (MSI 790GX-G65) for my PC because my older board (ECS A790GXM-AD3) had died on me.

The maximum overclock I could get on the older board was 3.2GHz (up from 2.8GHz stock) with a CPU VDD of 1.325v. It didn't matter how much higher I would take the voltage, the system wouldn't be stable above 3.2GHz.

The new board however seems very stable at 3.6GHz (runs through 3DMark Vantage at Extreme) but with a CPU VDD of 1.456V. I'm aiming for a 24/7 overclock but I'm not sure if its a good idea to leave the Phenom II X3 720 BE rated at 95W with a CPU VDD at 1.456v.

Anyone here would like to share if the processor is safe or not? It is about 15 months old now but I really don't want it to die on me because I cant import a new one right now.

P.S. I have a DEEPCOOL GamerStorm cooler which keeps the idle temperatures at par with the ambient temperature (sometimes even below it), so cooling isn't really an issue.
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    1.45 is what AMD says is the max. You can usually go a bit higher. I had to go to 1.5 to get to 3.6. If you check 4ryan's BE OC guide (at, he suggests that you go no more than .5 over the AMD recommended maximum setting. In the case of the 720 BE, the max is 1.45, so you are right at the max and you could possibly bump it up to 1.5 (like I did) and see how much more you can get. My settings are 1.5 vcore and 18x multiplier. I tried going higher and I couldn't keep it stable at all.

    In your case, you should be fine. Just monitor the temps.

    Any type of overclocking, especially when you up the vcore, is a risk. But, isn't that what we like to take? Isn't that part of the excitement? :D

    BTW, just to give you some closure on the vcore setting, here is a link to the chip you and I have and what AMD recommends as to the setting:

    The range they give is 0.850-1.425V. It is safe to go .5 over that, so in effect, you can go up to 1.525v on air cooling and still be safe without worrying you will burn up your CPU.

    I didn't try that high, but hey, maybe I should try! It would be nice to get my CPU to OC by 1 ghz! Going from 2.8 to 3.8 would be sweet!!!

    UPDATE: Bummer. Even going to 1.525v, I can't go above 18x. Oh well. 3.6ghz is still a great OC from 2.8!
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