Nforce 680I SLI, Q6600, GTX470

Hey all, long time lurker on these forums :p

The desktop I'm using is a pass me down from my girlfriend, which is about two years old. It's an Alienware 7500.

General specs:
Nforce 680i SLI Mobo
Q6600 Quad Core 2.4
8 Gigs of ram 4 x 2 GSkill sticks
Geforce GTX 470 (Was recently purchased as stupid Starcraft fried my previous two 8800 GTs)
PSU - No idea as the tag was removed so I can't even tell. I'm guessing its atleast a 550W however since it ran the 8800 GT's SLI without a problem.

I recently considered upgrading this thing a bit. I know it's a very old motherboard so my options are limited. I was wondering if I would be better off Overclocking the Q6600, or going with a newer better CPU as I'm guessing the CPU is bottlenecking the GPU pretty badly.

Is this mobo compatible with I5? Cooling seems average in thing as it only has a few fans. So just pretty much wondering what every ones input is. I'm not an expert at OCing, but I'm willing to learn. Would rather just purchase a better processer if possible however. Comp is generally for gaming, and video rendering.

Please any other upgrade ideas would be much appreciated :hello: Thanks in advance for all advice!

Stock heatsink on CPU btw
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    I know that my q6600 was a heavy bottleneck even at 3.6ghz for my GTX 470. It wasn't until i got my i7 930 when all my issues with low fps went away. My min framerate in BFBC2 doubled pretty well, and SC2 no longer dives in heavy heavy battles.

    Since the i5 and i7 series processor are LGA1156 and 1366 they are NOT compatible with any LGA775 mobo, which includes yours.

    But any OC will help. You could probably manage 2.8-3.0 ghz, on that stock cooler. 2.8 shouldn't need a voltage bump at all, but it might nead a small one. 3.0 will most likely nd a smallish voltage bump. Anything higher will be too much for the stock cooler.

    FYI SC2 didn't fry anything, insufficient cooling did. Your GPUs should be able to handle 100% load for long periods of time no matter what is making it do it. If not, it's time to clean the case or increase airflow.

    Upgrade ideas...Any new processor that'd be worth your money would need a new mobo and ram kit. If your budget is real tight i'd go with an i3 and a budget p55 board. Gigabyte, ASUS are good choices. Even MSI wouldn't be a bad choice, friend of mine is running an MSI p55 board with great success. i3 530 runs about 100-130 depending on sales and whether it's US ar CN pricing. A cheapish p55 is anywhere from just under 100+. and 4gb kit of ddr3 is about 100 as well. Just remember to shop around and it pays off usually.

    If you're looking for a cheaper route, that isn't as ideal in terms of performance but it will help a bunch regardless. Pick up a Coolermaster Hyper 212+ Heatsink for the CPU. Cost about 20-35 bucks depending and it's a pretty wicked cooler. Has a solid mounting system and cools great for its price. You'd be able to do 3.2 ghz pretty easily with it. I wouldn't count on much more since you are running a 680i of the most picky overclocks...i had one for about 3 yrs...

    Hope that helps some, if not feel free to ask more questions.

    PS. Additional idea, but a but sour for cost effectiveness wise. You could try get a hold of a Q9550 or similar, since it's a better architecture then the Q6600 it's faster clock per clock. Buddy of mine is running that at 3.4ghz (tiny OC) with his 5850 to great effect. Mind you the q9550 is still a bit pricey to get at about 200 or so...unless you find a good one used for cheap. Would be an upgrade nonetheless, but i'd still OC it if possible.
  2. Wow Lucuis, thank you so much for all that info. It's greatly appreciated :) Two options I'm considering heavily right now, would be to either
    1. Pick up the Coolmaster heatsink, and try to OC my current Q6600.
    2. Say screw it all and pick up a new motherboard with i7 processor, and new ram. I guess I would need a new PSU however as stupid alienware took off the tag to this this one so I have no idea what it really is :fou:

    Thing is if I were to go through the hassle of getting a new mobo and practically rebuilding my PC I'd rather go for I-7 and get the most out of it. Do you have any recommendations on a pretty up to date, but decently affordable setup? As long as it's a good upgrade from what I currently have I'd be pretty happy. I would probably stick with the stock Alienware casing, but I would most likely want some form of increased cooling, since from what I hear the I7 and 470 run stupid hot. Probably would want to aim for about 8 Gigs of ram. Would just swap my current HD's over.

    By the way just as a heads up, SC2 has been frying many peoples video cards. It's a known issue with Blizzard right now having something to do with their static screens not having a capped frame rate so it causes your vid card to overwork it self.

    You seem much more knowledgeable then, but wanted to give you the heads up just in case anyways. Thanks!
  3. Oh and also, prefer a SLI ready motherboard as I can just purchase an additional 470 in the future to upgrade :)
  4. Your welcome, glad i could help.

    You'd get the most benefit from a new build imo, but it might not be the most cost effective. But probably worth it anyways :)

    I personally went with an i7 930, ASUS P6x58D-E, and 6gb ddr 1600. I got a great deal on some Mushkin RAM but anything will do as long as it's a good price. That'd run you 700-800 depending on prices for you. If you can got to a microcenter i here they usually have crazy in store deals on stuff.

    I know all about the SC2 issue. It was an oversight by Blizzard that just so happened to reveal the inadequate cooling in so many systems. You go and run a program like the Folding@Home GPU Client or leave FurMark running for stability testing and it'd be the same deal. Insufficient cooling will kill a lot of cards. I agree it was a bit of a misstep by Blizzard but it certainly isn't their fault that stuff overheated due to lack of case upkeep or w/e else. My 8800GTS didn't fry, nor did my GTX 470 when i got it. It certainly was running hot and loud when sitting at the static menu screen, but it wasn't about to die. But i did the 'fix' anyway, no sense having the gpu work so hard without me gaining anything, right :) But I digress, this isn't the topic of importance right now.

    You'll save money going the 1156 route but you won't get perfect performance with SLI...near perfect though, because of the PCI-e lane restrictions. You also won't get ideal conditions for USB3.0 and Sata 6gbps due to the same reason. But if that's not a real concern it'll save a bunch, since the mobo and ram will cost less. The cpu CAN cost less or more depending which one you choose.

    If you can afford it, i'd recommend the 1366 route like what i did. The 920 & 920 cost about the same. The 920 supposedly overclocks a tiny bit better, but the 930 comes with a higher stock clock speed. If you're not really thinking about OCing anytime soon, i'd grab the 930 because of that. The mobo i bought is one of the cheapest for SLI, next to the Gigabyte X58 UD3R which is a few bucks cheaper. It's your choice which to choose. I personally chose the ASUS because i liked how it looked better, and the mobo layout was more to my liking since i have a pci-e x1 soundcard which is now placed above my gtx 470. Performance wise they should be identical. RAM is mostly about the price, find some good 1600mhz RAM for as cheap as you can find it. 6gb kit and make sure it's on the mobo compatibility list, it helps.

    That should do it for now, as i said before ask away :)
  5. After much thinking and debating. I think I'm going to go with your setup. Had my video cards not fried I probably would have been perfectly content with my old rig, haha :wahoo: Do you think it's alright for me to stick with my old case? It's the standard Alienware 7500 case. Seems decently designed.

    What PSU are you running? Since I'm planning to get another 470 in the future when the price drops, I'm guessing I need around a 750W.

    Also since this is probably most important (I do not want to anything to overheat ever again :fou:) Any additional cooling mods I should get? Rather not go with anything super expensive, but I may plan on reading up some info and overclocking the I7 920. And I know the 470 runs pretty damn hot already. Ranges from around 70-80C when playing SC the other day.

    i7 930,
    and 6gb ddr 1600
    750W PSU
    Some kind of cooling?

    Per your recommendations of course. Can't thank you enough for all the help. I've been doing research for hours all day but people are just pointing me left and right haha.
  6. Should be fine using your current case as long as it's a standard atx design, so the mobo fits :) Looks like it is, but i can't be 100%.

    I'm personally running a Corsair HX850, beautiful PSU, although quite expensive. Any quality 750 watt will do the trick. Antec, OCZ, Coolermaster, Seasonic, etc. I'd recommend Corsair myself though :) Their HX series comes with a 7 year warranty!

    Best cooling you can do is good case flow for that GTX 470. Your case looks pretty restrictive. It might be in your best interest to get one that has ample airflow. The Antec 300 would do nicely, it has great airflow...provided you cable manage best you can. Might get a little snug with 2 GTX 470 in there but all should be well. Both my friends use it to great effect. If you're ok with spending a bit more there's the antec DF series, either one would do well. I'm personally using an antec P182, i'd recommend against it. It's quite restrictive, i've had to do a few mods to make sure everything is cooled properly.

    That card will run much hotter once it's properly utilized. My card ran about that hot before the i7, it will hit 95-98c without really good airflow when it's running 100% I've actually had mine hit 105c once, but i always run a temp monitor program like msi afterburner to watch all my temps. Especially when they are a concern. I suggest you do the same, at least until you have determined everything is good :)

    You can go ahead and try everything in the old case and see how it goes. It might be fine. But if not just be prepared.

    When you get a second GTX 470 i'd recommend one with a non reference cooler on it, like the MSI Twin Frozr, or Zotac AMP. It'll help tons with keeping those reactors we call GPUs cool.

    Truly glad i could help :) I think i covered everything in your last message.
  7. In case you can't get the $$$ together for the setup you listed, do NOT get the 9xxx chip. The 650/680i does NOT support the 45nm quads. The only quads you can run in that board is the 6600, 6700, etc. You can run the 45nm duals, but not the quads.
  8. Yup correct, sorry i got the 780i mixed up with it.
  9. No worries. Didn't want him to come up short, buy the 9550, and then find out he can't run it. His build that he listed looks fine, he'd be happy with it for quite awhile.
  10. Totally, I would have felt real bad :(

    Yeah the new system will rock, i know i'm really enjoying mine.
  11. brysg2 said:
    Had my video cards not fried I probably would have been perfectly content with my old rig,

    so why are you then not content with the rig you have now bro, a 470 is better than your two 8800gt's

    also in my opinion for now overclocking will easily remove the "bottleneck" you say the 470 has on it. A quick search of any benchmarks running games Maxed out (not on medium / low settings which some bad reviews do) will show you that it is the graphics card which becomes limiting as long as the cpu is decent enough. Until you go for SLI i dont think the price is justified to build an entirely new system just yet, for SLI you will need a new processor for max improvements.

    i am telling you all this because i also have a q6600 at 3ghz and i dont experience any of the slow-downs with all games completely maxed (i have a gtx 460). My plan is to now wait for the new round of amd and intel processors to be release and to build a pc then.

    There was a preview of intels new i5 on anandtech and clock for clock it was something like 20-30% faster. If you havent heard of these new processors take a look into them - intels is sandybridge and amd's is bulldozer.
  12. I've already went through what he's going through. Even at 3.6ghz there was a bottleneck in certain games, not so much in others. Literally as soon as i switched to an i7 930 all that disappeared. I don't know why exactly but FPS in BFBC2 nearly doubled, Dirt2 never dips below 50fps now instead of 35. Maybe it's as much a platform bottleneck as a cpu bottleneck.

    My low FPS also persisted through a windows reinstall and countless hours of troubleshooting. I upgraded my 8800gts to a gtx 470 and i gained a fair bit of performance. I was able to crank up eye candy, without the same performance hit i had before. But my FPS didn't really change no matter the settings i used. The i7 is what fixed it for me. It was like night and day. I was also thinking maybe the gf100 core just saturates the cpu more to do the same thing. And the gf104 doesn't as much, hence your situation where you don't seem to notice a problem.

    BUT there's no harm in trying. Overclocking the q6600 won't cost anything other then time and effort, and maybe it'll yield some good results. Couldn't hurt.
  13. Yeah, pretty much what Lucuis said. I can't even possibly imagine a slight OC really helping all that much. It just sort of frustrates me that after blowing some money on a vid card, games like SC slow and stutter in 4v4. It's been quite a bit since I've built a computer anyways, so I may as well take this chance and upgrade. Looking to order in the next few days.

    1.COOLER MASTER HAF X RC-942-KKN1 Black Steel/ Plastic ATX Full Tower Computer Case

    2.CORSAIR HX Series CMPSU-850HX 850W ATX12V 2.3 / EPS12V 2.91 80 PLUS SILVER Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply

    3.G.SKILL Trident 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2000 (PC3 16000) Triple Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F3-16000CL9T-6GBTD

    4.ASUS P6X58D-E LGA 1366 Intel X58 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard

    5.Intel Core i7-930 Bloomfield 2.8GHz LGA 1366 130W Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX80601930

    6.Prolimatech Megahalems Rev.B CPU Cooler

    And a another GTX470 for SLI

    7.PNY XLR8 VCGGTX470XPB GeForce GTX 470 (Fermi) 1280MB 320-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card

    8. Going to pull my two 7200 Seagate HD's out of old rig and just put in new one.

    I'm hoping that the case provides adequate air flow to keep the SLI 470's cool. I also plan on spending a lot of time reading, and then attempting to OC the I7 930, which is why I'm going with the Prolimatech cooler.

    May have gone a bit over board as my total is coming to about $1500, but oh well.

    Please let me know if I'm missing anything else :) Wouldn't mind cutting costs a little bit, but it not all good.

    Oh and where can I get the SLI Bridges? First timer there. And any good thermal paste recommendations I should purchase?

    Overall I'm super excited and a bit nervous at the same time. Once again, thank you Lucuis. I was feeling super bummed when my 8800's blew out, and even more bummed when I i couldn't even run SC on Ultra 4v4 after upgrade due to the rest of my CPU specs. The girlfriend and I are probably going to be eating in for a bit, but that's okay :wahoo:
  14. That's a killer case, but i've heard people complain about bad airflow. I'm not sure why exactly, maybe the big low speed fans are too slow. I can guess it'll be a fair bit better then the Alienware case though. Looks like it has a dedicated doodad for GPU cooling, which is what really matters in this case.

    I'd still suggest the MSI Twin Frozr or Zotac AMP edition 470s. It's a bit more but it'll run a ton cooler. The MSI one is still only a dual slot so no special configuration for SLI. BUT the Zotac is a triple slot so it will have to be the card underneath the one you already have in order for it all to fit.

    Little crazy on the ram, you won't make full use of DDR3 2000mhz unless you plan to OC to like 5.0ghz, lol. I'd recommend some DDR3 1600mhz unless the 2000mhz stuff is a mega good deal. The G.Skill Ripjaws should do the trick.

    The SLI Bridge will be included in the mobo box. For thermal paste i'm a huge fan of the Innovation Cooling Diamond Paste. Best stuff i've used, uses real diamond dust :) It's sitting in my CPU and GPU right now :) Dropped my temps on my old 8800GTS a fair bit too over AS5 even.

    I think that covers everything, i wish you luck.
  15. I thought the same thing too as my friend has a 5850, but the results are in. Notice the many threads of "why is my gpu at 50% usage in bfbc2" or the like with the gtx 470 and 480. That went away when i upgraded my processor, which would point to a cpu bottleneck. Or at least a platform Bottleneck.

    Everything under the sun was tested to try and get my fps to be where i thought it should be with my q6600. I tried OC to 3.7ghz, driver sweep and reinstall, reinstalling the game. Reinstalling Windows, the works, even checking pci-e lanes to be sure it was operating at 16x.

    Only other explanation i could think of is the game got patched the same time i built the new computer up. But it wouldn't explain the problems ppl are still having. And why every other game runs better for me.

    My old system was a Q6600 @ 3.2ghz most the time, i had it at 3.6ghz for a long while though. 8gb ddr2 800mhz RAM, and a 780i Mobo. Everything else remained the same in the new build. So HD, CPU cooler, Case, PSU, Soundcard.

    My cpu usage on the Q6600 indicated it wasn't a bottleneck as well, but like i said it's all better now. So judging from my first hand experience i'd assume the OP is experiencing the exact same issue i was.

    FYI i had my q6600 at stock for a while to see if my oc was stable just in case that could be adversely affecting performance. The OC is confirmed to increase my performance.
  16. To be honest I've seen SEVERAL threads about people complaining about their Q6600 and similar systems most likely bottle necking their 470 GPU. I would of probably considered more strongly towards the OC idea had I not had a 680I mobo, which I hear is one of the worst for overclocking. Was already bitter about blowing 300 on a vid card, and stuff running not the way I'd like it to. Didn't want to spends days reading into OC and purchasing a new cooling kit for the CPU just to still run mediocre.

    Anyways. Stuff has officially been ordered guys :) Everything on the previous list I mentioned before was ordered with a few modifications. Opted to go with the 1000 HX Power supply instead just to plan for the future. Switched out the GSkill ram for some Mushkin.

    Unfortunately I still went with the additional PNY GTX 470 Lucuis. Main reason being the first one I got from a local retailer was already PNY. Oh and also picked up a 300GB Raptor 10000 HD just for the heck of it to throw my OS onto. Probably will install games onto it, and use my two current Seagate 7200's for storage. Got the Diamond paste ordered up as well. Still debating whether I should get some additional cooling since I'm going to be running SLI and overclocking the CPU. I'm guessing with the case I should be okay? Read lots of reviews on the HAF X by the way, and most seem to state that the airflow is quite good.

    Overall super excited! I'm hoping this is going to be a beast of a rig that will last me quite a bit :) Will for sure keep you guys updated, and probably ask for a some emergency help questions, as I haven't built a rig for years, and I was never a expert to begin with, hahah. Thanks everyone for all your help, esp Lucuis. Hopefully if everything goes well we can get a few games on SC or BFBC2 :P

    Still open to any suggestions if anyone thinks I'm missing anything in my setup :bounce:
  17. Gonna be a beast. I looked forward to hearing how it goes.
  18. Best answer selected by brysg2.
  19. please if you can once you have built your system post a reply here with the difference between your old system and the new system.

    If its not too much trouble do some benchmarks of single and sli gtx 470 on the 680i platform vs single and sli gtx 470 on the x58 platform. Even if you do single vs single or just describe the difference it would be greatly appreciated by me and anybody in a similar situation. Plus it will help you appreciate your upgrade even more i guess.
  20. I have a couple for you. Though i suppose we are most interested in the OPs results :) Here's some numbers regardless.

    As stated previously i was running a Q6600 @ 3.2 ghz most of the time, on a 780i mobo.

    Dirt 2 780i Min 44.612568 Ave 55.078495
    Dirt 2 X58 Min 59.106560 Ave 77.591797 (i7 930 @ 4.011ghz)

    SC2 Custom Bench, I have a replay with 200/200 worth of Carriers attacking a base along side about 70 Hydralisks.
    780i Min 5.7 (Q6600 @ 2.4ghz if i remember right)
    X58 Min ~10 (i7 930 Stock) I haven't tested with the OC yet.

    I don't have any hard numbers for BFBC2 but i have some significant estimates.
    780i Min ~24 Ave ~45 (Q6600 @ 3.2 ghz)
    X58 Min ~45 Ave - Stays capped at 60 most the time. (i7 930 @ 4.011 ghz)

    Noticed an improvement in Borderlands, not a big difference though as the game ran quite well before. But that's about all i have for comparisons, aside from synthetics which aren't important in this case.
  21. wow ok , so the platform causes a pretty decent up in performance, my guess would be that if op went for sli on his 680i the benefits would be much lower than going sli on the x58, hopefully he tests it out .... because like i said i have a q6600 and a gtx460 planning to take benefit of the supposed 90% scaling.
    I'm probably going to do what OP has done but at a later date and with sandy bridge with 460s
  22. Man what a week! First off missed my shipment for my parts, so I had to run down to the UPS store. Unfortunately the lines were literally for two hours. They also lost one of my packages that took them another hour to find. Decided to start working on in a bit when I got home before I had to sleep just to notice that I forgot to order fans for my aftermarket CPU cooler. Next day I hurt myself at the gym doing overhead presses. Strained my neck and upper back pretty bad, lots of pain. Still toughed it out, and trooped out after to pick up my fans. On the way back NY gets hit with a freakin tornado :pfff: Guess I can consider myself lucky as I literally saw trees fall on top of my cars and into houses right before my eyes. Got really lucky and got home safely. Took me 4 hours due to the traffic back up though.

    Anyways I finally put everything together. Took me quite a long time as I haven't built a comp in ages, plus due to the tornado my internet was out so I couldn't even come on for tips when I got stuck. Seems like everything is running solid. Only thing I've managed to test was SC 2 really quick. Funny thing is the game still freezes on me in at times. I believe that it's mostly a software issue however as it's happened to many people. Played 1 game and lucky in 4v4. Massive carriers, Voidrays, Motherships, Lings etc. The game barely even hiccuped. Very slight pause during heavy heavy intense battles, but barely noticeable. Has MSI afterburner running and temps hit about 78C highest with GPU load about 85% I believe? Anyways I know I haven't given much info yet, but it's been a crazy few days for me. I'll be testing more and posting over the next couple of days.

    Downloading 3DMark Vantage as we speak, and will probably be downloading a few other games to test and post results.
    Bios states that my Mushkin ram is only at 1066HZ at the moment. I guess I have to manually up it myself? I'm about to start looking into overclocking the CPU and Memory over the next couple of days, so if anyone has any advice on that feel free to share. Oh also, can anyone recommend me a good CPU Temp monitoring/benchmarking program? Thanks! Going to pass the hell out right now :wahoo:
  23. Damn dude, that's quite the week indeed. Glad you got it all together after all that.

    As for RAM it has to be adjusted manually via upping the BCLK frequency essentially ocing your cpu. My ram is at 1531mhz since i'm running 191 BCLK for 4.011ghz. There might be an XMP mode for you ram, there was for me....but it becomes useless once you start overclocking.

    I started with these settings and did some small tweeks to make it stable. Keep in mind i'm under water, so temps aren't a concern for me. These chips get hot when overclocked a bunch.

    Ai Overclock Tuner.....................[Manual]
    CPU Ratio Setting......................[21.0]
    Intel(r) SpeedStep(tm) Tech............[Disabled]
    Xtreme Phase Full Power Mode...........[Enabled]
    BCLK Frequency.........................[191]
    PCIE Frequency.........................[100]
    DRAM Frequency.........................[DDR3-1531MHz]
    UCLK Frequency.........................[3063MHz]
    QPI Link Data Rate.....................[Auto]

    CPU Voltage Control....................[Manual]
    CPU Voltage............................[1.26250] ended on about ~1.28750
    CPU PLL Voltage........................[1.80]
    QPI/DRAM Core Voltage..................[1.21875] This had to go way up, about 1.375 I actually had 2gb of my ram being ignored until i upped it. It was fine at stock speeds mind you.
    IOH Voltage............................[1.14]
    IOH PCIE Voltage.......................[1.50]
    ICH Voltage............................[1.20]
    ICH PCIE Voltage.......................[1.50]
    DRAM Bus Voltage.......................[1.64] Set this to manufacture specs or one notch above.
    DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHA...........[Auto]
    DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHA...........[Auto]
    DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHB...........[Auto]
    DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHB...........[Auto]
    DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHC...........[Auto]
    DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHC...........[Auto]

    Load-Line Calibration..................[Enabled]
    CPU Differential Amplitude.............[800mV]
    CPU Clock Skew.........................[Delay 300ps]
    CPU Spread Spectrum....................[Disabled]
    IOH Clock Skew.........................[Auto]
    PCIE Spread Spectrum...................[Disabled]

    C1E Support............................[Disabled]
    Hardware Prefetcher....................[Enabled]
    Adjacent Cache Line Prefetch...........[Enabled]
    Intel(r) Virtualization Tech...........[Disabled]
    CPU TM Function........................[Enabled]
    Execute Disable Bit....................[Enabled]
    Intel(r) HT Technology.................[Enabled]
    Active Processor Cores.................[All]
    Intel(r) SpeedStep(tm) Tech............[Disabled]
    Intel(r) C-STATE Tech..................[Disabled]

    3.8ghz might be better to start at, with much lower voltage just to be on the safe side for temps on the initial oc tests. If everything is cool then you can try for more.

    To change you CPU frequency all you have to adjust is the BCLK, the multi is stock at x21 i'd just leave it there, i had the best luck with that.

    For temp monitoring i use HWMonitor, works well enough. Not 100% sure what's considered good 100% load temps on the i7 930 but i'd imagine 65c and under is in the green. For prime95 1005 load you could probably get away with 70-75c since real world won't run it that hot.

    Another thing to consider if you don't do any media encoding that would make use of the Hyper threading, you can turn that feature off. That'll cut heat and voltage required by a fair bit, for a specific OC. Hyperthreading is pretty much useless in gaming, so if that's all you do you won't notice it being off other then the obvious benefit of less heat.

    I got most my info here Starts a little ways down with Xmisery posting a bunch of presets for certain clockspeeds that should work with little to no tweaking.

    I look forward to some more benchmarks and stuff. Perhaps some pics. You practically have my computers twin in most cases. I only have 1 gpu though.
  24. Will def post pics and more benchmarks as soon as I get everything running. Spent the past few days reinstalling everything and making sure everything runs right. Had to actually rewire the thing as I realized I put in my powersupply upside down, haha. Hey Lucious have you had any problems putting the computer to sleep? I tried switching to S1 and S3 and I can not get my computer to sleep when it idles. It does sleep fine however if I manually do it in the start up menu. Very strange. Thanks alot for your OC settings, I'm still a complete noob at it so I'm going to have to study alot of it and figure out what running stable means etc. And how many increments to increase each time :)
  25. I don't ever put my computer to sleep so i can't help you there.

    Yup best if you do a bunch of research, that way you know what everything does in this BIOS. It's one of the more feature rich i've seen. I was a little surprised, and lost, at first.
  26. Just ran my first 3D Mark Vantage test. Haven't OC'd anything whatsoever

    6 Gigs of Mushkin Ram, still running at 1033
    I7930 2.8
    GTX 470 SLI
    HAF X

    " class="img lazy">

    Kept MSI Afterburner on through the test and made a custom profile set at 50C/50% Fan speed 60C/60% Fan speed and so on.
    Max temp
    GPU1 88C
    GPU2 80C

    Would appreciate any input on what everything thinks about those temps. I also ordered a 120MM Fan for the VGA Duct that I have yet to install and an additional 200MM exhaust fan for the top of the case. Hoping this will help slightly with temps as well.
    Will upload pics of case itself after I install fans which should be by Wed :)
  27. Having some stutter/lag issues with Crysis at the moment. Posted new thread here
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