Write error on my dvd hp dvd1260

I have a hp dvd1260 writer whenever im burning a dvd wid verification at 8x it show me bad sector unable to read sectors ........ to ........... is there a problem in my writer or any software problem ... i'm using nero9 essential..... please help
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  1. It could be several things. You may need to burn at a slower speed. It could also be the media you are using, slowing down may help. It could also be a defective burner (or one that is failing). Or, it could simply be a burner that needs cleaned.

    Sounds like a lot, but really isn't. Just try to slow things down first to see what happens. If that fails, you may need to change media brands for the blanks themselves. You could also get a CD disk cleaner and run through your burner. If none of these work, you likely have a burner that is fading. BTW, are the disks usable after the burn fails?

    Doesn't sound like a Nero 9 problem. Last, what OS are you using?
  2. If it consistently happens, it's most likely your drive going bad.

    Even poor media will work occasionally.
  3. while burning DVD I select 8x speed somtime if the data is below 3 gb I select 6x ............ this problem didnt occured while I was using asus writer .......... but i dont know what happen to Hp........ I have change the brand of blanks like writex , sony , moserbear and etc but after burning 2 - 3 dvd I face the same problem in every brand. my writer is in warranty n 7 months is left. I'm asking u this because I want to be sure that its writer fault coz after repair or replacement from HP if I face the same problem then what will I do..............

    system: gigabyte 785gmt usb3 - - Amd 555 phnm2x2 3.2ghz - - cosair 2gb single channel 1333mhz - - green caviar wdc 500 gb hard disk - - xfx HD 5770 xxx edition ATI graphics card.......... - - windows 7 64 bit ultimate .. .. . . .. plz reply n thank you......
  4. If all media are getting the same result, it is the DVD drive. Personally, I use verbatim discs for my media, but other media should work most of the time.
  5. Time to return (RMA) the drive.
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