ECS GeForce6100M motherboard reboots

My ECS Geforce6100M will make it past post once it gets through the windows load screen (Vista) it turns off. It did this before but would be in windows compelety thought it was power supply bought a new one and now i have my current state, not getting too hot will stay in BIOS and run for hours on end. ECS bios is difficult to update i dont not have a floppy and cant seem to get a flash drive to work for me any ideas.
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  1. does it shut off instantly, or does it show the windows is shutting down screen first?
  2. Instant no warning just utter failure
  3. What do you mean by no floppy? If the Motherboard has the connector for a floppy, by all means put it in. They are invaluable for cheap money. I would never want to run without a floppy. But, you should be able to do a Bios upgrade across the network. Check your manual and get back to me on the model and we may be able to do it quickly.
  4. Hi,
    I just went to the Elitegroup website and found that your board is actually called GEForce6100sm-m. I downloaded your Manualand went to the Bios section and there are win files for various types of BIOS chips you could have. Have you tried resetting the Bios by either shorting the rtc pins or removing the battery for a while. You'd be surprised how often this works. What made it die? Did it ever work? Do you get some Beep codes to point to CPU or Video or Memory? Tell me what beeps you get, if any and we'll work on it.
  5. Sorry, re-read your first message. Make sure your CPU Fan is working. That would kill your system and may soon kill your processor. Be very careful how long you leave it on with no fan. PLUG IN YOUR FAN.
  6. The fan runs and has for quite sometime never had an issue with it
  7. Your ahead of me. Just trying to help. It gave you a post once and went to Vista before shutting down? I've had this problem before and it turned out to be poor heat sink connection. I realize there are a million causes out there, but getting through post to Vista is a very good sign.
  8. Ok flashed the BIOS with the newest version all went well but still will not stay on once windows is loaded.
  9. It makes it to the windows scroll bar thingy doesnt it.... and then just shuts off with no warning? Have you checked your ram or power supply? If those 2 are good, then i would say you need a new motherboard. :)
  10. Yes kind sir i have checked both of the things you have mentioned all are fine.
  11. Was there any solution at all, same problem here

    Over three years no problem, suddenly the pc shuts down 10-30 seconds after booting.
    changed RAM, plugged off harddisk and dvd, booting from usb stick, always the same.
    Sometimes booting works and than it works fine over hours.
    Systems are windows 7 and ubuntu 10.10.

    Will try to change PSU, but if it is not successfull only motherboard can be changed?

    tnx 8ung
  12. Problem solved defective condenser, changed now no reboot
  13. I have exact same problem - powers off as soon as you get into windows put will stay on if you go into bios settings. Memory and disk test fine. Power supply is new and a different one didn't help.
    It's got to be something to do with the mobo. How on earth do you know a condensor is faulty and how do you get a new one?
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