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How would one go about setting up RAID 10 with 2 hd's on a windows 2008 server machine. I do a lot of computer programming, it's my daily job as well as a hobby. and I do a lot of network based application development. Obviously since 99% of this is private work not party of my daily job I do it at home. Now, I am by NO means an IT person or one to mess with hardware much. IS it possible to run 2 2TB hard drives in RAID 10, (or ANY raid for that matter) on windows server 2008? Any help on if its possible, or even help on how to do it, would be insanely appreciated.
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  1. You will need (4) 2TB HDD for a RAID 10

    or you could do a RAID 0 with (2) 2TB HDD
  2. Ok thanks, how would I set up RAID 0?
  3. opexx said:
    Ok thanks, how would I set up RAID 0?

    How you set up the RAID array depends on what RAID controller you are using; onboard or dedicated RAID controller card. The process is slightly different whether the controller is onboard or a dedicated RAID card. As far as creating the array, if using the onbaord controller, you will need to enter the BIOS and set the SATA settings to RAID and then enter the RAID utility to create the array. If a dedicated controller card you do not need to change the BIOS SATA settings but still need to enter the controller utility to create the array. I suggest reading the manual for the specific controller you are using.

    Will the OS be installed on the array? If yes then it will require a re-install of the OS. During the Windows install process it will prompt you to hit F6 for 3rd party RAID drivers. Typically you need to install the RAID drivers from a floppy disk or from a USB thumb drive, if your mobo allows. The RAID drivers are necessary for Windows, during the install process, to recognize the array as a drive. After loading the drivers with the F6 process, the Windows install will proceed as normal. Also, you will need to set the proper boot order within the BIOS to make the RAID array the first boot hard drive.

    If the OS is not to be installed on the array, then as mentioned, you just need to use the RAID utility to create the array and then load into Windows Disk Management to format and create a partition on the array.

    This description is a bit generic and specifics will depend on the RAID controller you are using and what you will be using the array for.
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