Can I wipe my old HDD and use it in my new build?

I am wanting to do this so I can use my new build while I save for a new HDD. I have an old sony VAIO and it has a 160gb 7200rpm HDD in it. I wanted to wipe it while in the VAIO and plug it into my newly built PC. I don't care about using my old XP or anything like that, I just want to use my new build and can't afford a new Hard Drive right now. I have a copy of Windows 7 ready to go.

Do you think i'll have problems with this? This is my first build and i'm trying to be careful! Thanks everyone!
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    the viao drive will have to be same type as the one you are building ie (ide or sata) 160gb isnt very large these days, youd be better off looking for a used 500gb on e bay, youll pick one up for around 20-25 quid. if the viaio drive you have is same as the one your going to build then yes it can be used, just format it and reinstall windows.
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