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Hi. I'm thinking of buying a Cooler Master Storm Scout case and have a question. I purchased a Cogage True Spirit and my concern is that it will nearly touch the top of the case and somewhat block the top exhaust fan. Since there are no other vents on the top of the case, i dont want heat to build up. The usual way to mount the heatsink is so the heatsinks fan blows towards the rear of the case. If I mounted it 90 degrees so that the heatsink fan blew upwards towards the top, it might create more space for the top exhaust fan to pull other case heat out AND help move the air out quicker. The rear fan would also help too. Is it ok and advisable to mount the fan like this? Any other solutions? Thanks.
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  1. Mounting it that way is fine. The goal is to get the hot air out as quickly and efficiently as possible. And of course the heatsink fan(s) needs to be able to pull (and/or push) air through the heatsink. Many cases don't have a top fan in which case it's not the best option. But in some situation it's still preferrable, for example because of board layout and interference with RAM heatsinks.
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