Modern Graphics Cards failure rates

This is an interesting little article about card and vendor reliability. Should put an end to that tripe about ATI cards not being as reliable as Nvidia's that I tend to hear annoyingly often. Either that, or fan the flames :)

What I found really interesting was that, of all the cards, the hotter-than-hell ATI HD 4850 had the lowest failure rates of all the cards on their list. I guess it really IS happy with those 100 degree celsius load temps ;)

The worst showing was by far the GTX280, with a 10% failure rate.
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  1. Ive had 4 nVidia cards all die on me in the last 6 or 7 years .

    None lasted as long as the computer they were installed in . None was still in the warranty period when it died .

    I have a 4850 now which is my first ATI card . Too soon to tell if it will last but the CCC is much better than any nVidia software
  2. The best Nvidia card I ever had was a 5700LE. It never failed me in 3 months then I 'upgraded' to a 6600gt which had more issues than all my other gfx cards and cpus put together. Great card, it just never really worked properly. :p Then I had an 8800gt which lasted 8 months before I had to RMA it.

    To be fair, I've also had two borked ATI's though I was very impressed at how quickly I was given replacements for them. I read somewhere that ~1% of gpu's break - I must be at least doubling that percentage all by myself. :D
  3. only card that failed on me was the X800Xl, no other card has ever died on me:)

    EDIT: 8800 GTS 320, DOA:)
  4. Funny that the only card i had die so far :whistle: was a x800xl mine was powercolor but it did fair duty first, and it was second hand when i got it so i didnt feel to hard done by.

  5. same here!!!!!!!

    Powercolor, didn't require a connector:) Mine just started showing pink pixels, then static, then it wouldn't boot into windows, and last just dead:)
  6. Yep similar mine put a pink tinge on the screen, i changed the cable and it seemed to fix it, but now you say that it makes sence.
    Wouldnt boot and dropped out of games. Personally i think it may have been a heat issue as the fan was quite small on those.

    Mactronix :)
  7. yeah, but my room had an AC blowing right next to the computer before, and I replaced the thermal paste. SOooooo I dunno. But it was still a bomb card, maxed out almost everything from its time:D
  8. Yep good times, best bang for buck for its time :love: especially if unlike me :cry: you were lucky enough to get the right core of the two which could bios flash to a x850 XTPE.

  9. haha never tried it:P, those days are pretty much over with the flashes:(

    <3 9500 Pro for ever haha 9700 pro softmod:D
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