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Please help!....my cpu will not start in any mode....safe mode, ect. Tried to reinstall xp and crashes immediately when trying to reinstall. Not sure of all my hardware. I have an ati graphics card and the mobo number is 865pe-a but not sure of the brand...any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. We need more info cpu,mobo,ram,psu,,,only suggestion to make blind is can you even boot to a floppy,if so then fdisk and partition your hdd as needed,,AFTER ,checking to make sure all your systems connections are as indicated in system manual..:)
  2. Run Memtest86, could also be faulty PSU. Can you go into BIOS? If you have more than one memory module, try running on only one.

  3. Sure its not the Thermals?
  4. Also, look for swollen capacitors on the main board, if the computer is old enough it might be in the batch that got a bunch of crappy capacitors that can cause problems. Although I have one of those boards and its still running today ( with a few swollen caps ) as my moms computer (except for the RAID controller). Its hard for any of us to make a helpful reply though without more information about the system. Also make sure the heatsink on the CPU isn't completely clogged with dust, that can cause stability problems like that too.
  5. Ok sorry that I am not too computer lingo savy....but I have 2 512mb memory sticks.....I have tried to reverse them and then only run one and then the other....same result.....I have looked at the mb....no swollen caps as far as I can see...It does go into bios....tried resetting the settings....still nothing....the cpu dosent have a brand.....I had a friend order it from tiger direct...not sure of the brand of the mb but the number is 865pe-a.....the heat sink did have alot of dust....cleaned it all out....dont know what the temps are supposed to be but they looked ok......???
  6. Got it figured out!!!!....Ran the repair cd and it fixed it....I'm not sure but I think I may have deleted a file that I wasn't supposed to....I am a moron but at least I learned some things researching this problem....thank you for the suggestions though..
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