Will the V6GT fit in my case?

Antec Dark Fleet-85

Specified width = 8.4"

And just in case, if it would clear everything on the motherboard

The main thing I've heard is that this thing is enormous and I wanna make sure before I buy. Thanks in advance for the info!
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  1. It'll be close. You will have to measure from the middle of your processor in all four directions. That distance needs to be less than 2.35." The hitsink directly below your processor looks like the closest obstruction. I can' tell by eyeballing it whether that is less than 2.35"
  2. just like what i asked in another forum check it
    i was looking forward to get thermaltake frio or cooler master v8
  3. Does your case specify a max CPU cooler height in the manual like this?
  4. sadly, no
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    To give you an idea, I have a CM690II and a V6GT, and it pretty much fits in the case like this:

    The 690II is also listed at 8.4" wide. The V6 is tall, but not tall enough to get dangerously close to the side panel. A possible trade-off is that I may only be able to mount 1 fan instead of 2 on my side panel. But looking at the side panel of the DF85, you should still be able to mount a fan on the side.
  6. Seems like it'd be in the ballpark. I didn't have a ruler off-hand so i couldn't try to at least roughly measure it. Thanks a lot for the help
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