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Hello, i have a gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 motherboard i just purchased, mated with an i7 930 cpu, video is a GeForce GTX 480, and ram is 6 OCZ Gold XTC 2GB sticks

i live in the high desert area of CA, and ambient temps inside my house are generally in the 90f to 100f range during the day. i have a home built watercooling system for the cpu, the gpu rarely goes over 100f but am rather worried about the ram.

after a gaming session of an hour or so, during midday, the ram reaches surface temps of 140-150f range, ive purchased several different types of passive heatsinks for the ram, but have yet to find ones that fit snugly, and manage to drop temps more than 15F or so.

due to the cost id rather not build another complete loop just to cool the ram with water, and with having an additional 12 fittings is an extra worry on leaks.

any idea's on a way to drop the temps to the 100f or lower range? ever fan set iv'e found seems to either be for 4 slots, or has gotten horrible reviews on fitment/reliability.

i should also note that noise levels are not a concern
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  1. DDR3 memory spec is 85c (185F) so you have a little room left.

    Never lived in the desert, so I never had the need to try and cool my DDR3 memory but I'm sure someone will stop by and give you some suggestions.
  2. high desert temps average 115-120f during the day, with 1-2% humidity, generally we rely on swampcoolers to drop the temp to a tolerable level, as A/C is not really economical. with the swamps running, inside humidity hits around 8 pct on average. night temps drop as low as 40f during the summer, and 15f in the winter

    my concern on the temps is its running that hot at stock settings, and i plan to overclock eventually, increasing the heat output even more, and id like to be able to keep at least a 20f safety range
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    There still are no quality water ram coolers. It just wouldn't sell. Your best bet is a fan mem cooler. Corsair and other make them.

    One place that sells them
  4. Have you considered moving?

    Humans simply aren't adapted to such an environment.

    I'm just saying...

    Personally, I would try to get a fan running in parallel with your ram sticks. On of the problems cooling ram is that they generally for a wall that is hard to get cooled. If you can get a fan that moves air down the ram, and between it, you can probably create more cooling.

    It was 65 and sunny today in Western Washington.
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  6. i ended up going with 2 antec spotfans as they seemed to be the best option to cover all 6 ram slots.

    they allowed me to position the fans to blow linearly along the surface of the ram twards the top case exhaust fan.

    sofar they have been working well, dropping the surface temp about 20f, and are much quieter than i originaly expected them to be due to size
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