1366 cooler that is not so huge?

I'm looking for an effective cooler for my i7 950 using ASUS p6x58d-e motherboard. I'm having a difficult time finding a cooler that is not so large and yet effective. Any recommendations? I thought about the Corsair H50, but I wish not to go there if possible. Also, I can't get a low profile cooler because I'm thinking it wouldn't provide clearance for the DDR Dominators.

I'm thinking I have no choice, but thought I'd get some feedback.

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  1. ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 is one solution - 92mm fan vice 120mm fan. I used the original successfully for several years. Rev. 2 basically uses a different attachment design than the original pushpins.
  2. Any problem with high profile DDRs such as the Dominators clearning with these? I'm a bit worried with not clearing the last two slots.
  3. Ahh.... that may be a problem... can you post a pic of what you have now? (As in pic of your RAM + board + stock fan) I'v used the 92mm & 120mm CCF and I can give you an idea if it'll work or not.
  4. I think even a fan like the Hyper 212+ would fit (120mm), though you'd probably have to raise the fan up a bit.
  5. @Shadow I wish I can post pics, but it's still on the shipping truck. LOL. Thanks though. I've probably posted this question prematurely as I'm anticipating putting my rig together.

    So maybe the larger coolers would provide better clearance. Hmmm....
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    Most tower type coolers will fit provided that you install the ram before mounting the cooler. And, perhaps mounting the cooler fan after. It is not bad to mount the fan a bit high on the cooler if necessary.
  7. Thanks Geofelt, but now I just need to find one that minimizes those space issue problems as possible.
  8. So far the only narrow sized cooler is the Cooler Master Hyper N520, but not top performer.
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