Problems connecting 2 hdds

Hello guys. First of all, i`m new here and i would like to say i`m not so good with computers (the hardware part).
Now let the story begin: My sistem worked fine until i tried to connect a new hdd to sistem. This new hdd is a Seagate 500gb 7200.10, this was an external hard drive ( Packard Bell Store and Save 500 gb), but i modified it to be internal.
Now the problems appear: sistem can`t start everytime i press the power button ( i mean hardware start, but nothing show on display), sometimes the sistem manages to start, i`m prompted on the screen to press Del to SETUP, so i press, then the keyboard freezes ( all 3 LED blink for 1 sec ) / => keyboard = DEAD.
Now i don`t know what to do.
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  1. Is this a SATA drive? You need to give more info: what OS, what computer model. What was the existing HD?
  2. the hard drives are sata ( connected to mainboard woth red cables). The existing hdd is Samsung 7200 160 gb.
    The sistem config a bit old ( 6 years of use) : AMD Athlon 64 3000+ ( overclocked), 1.5 gb RAM Kingmax + Geil, video nvidia 6600 gt, LG dvd-writer, floppy, modecom power supply.

    Sistem OS: at boot i`m prompted to choose : Win XP sp3, or Win 7, both working great.
  3. 2 things I'm wondering - can the BIOS deal with that size HD, and is the power supply big enough - if you were right at the edge, maybe the extra wattage goofs up the PS.

    Also can you try that drive in another PC
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