Msi p45-neo3 (2+2gb + 4+4gb) ram

Is it possible to have different sizes of the same ram in the different dimm sockets :

dimm1 2GB kingston hyperx
dimm2 4GB kingston hyperx
dimm3 2GB kingston hyperx
dimm4 4GB kingston hyperx

for a total of 12GB.

Or do they all have to be 4+4+4+4 ?
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  1. Yes, but you will cause some bottlenecks by using mismatched RAM. Why do you need so much RAM anyway, are you running a 64-bit OS in the first place?
  2. 12GB ram in a lga775 system? sounds weird.
  3. yes it would work, but it would be a bit of hell to overclock. you may also need to increase voltage to 1.9 or 2.0 if it doesn't post properly, stick to 1.8 if it works.
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