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I need some help with my sound issue. I recently installed Windows 7 64 bit beta on my PC and I have lost my sound. I know there is nothing wrong with my speakers and additionally my sound worked fine for a while ( LIKE A WEEK) with windows 7. None of my jacks in the back will allow for any sound and all I get is a scatching sound. Anyone else have this problem?
My setup is is :

Asus P6T x58 LGA1366
Intel i7 975
Dual EVGA GTX 295's SLI
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  1. Did you install the Vista drivers for your motherboard, especially the one for your audio controller?
  2. I recommend getting the Release Candidate and get rid of the Beta version. There are a LOT of bug fixes.

    I agree that it's likely a driver issue. Installing Win 7 RC may even solve the issue.

    Also, Operating Systems tend to install basic drivers that may not have full functionality.

    You need to find out the EXACT sound card/chip that you have and install the drivers for it. If you have onboard sound I'd expect that Windows 7 RC will likely install up to date drivers.

    You might wish to consider a dedicated audio card. I'm using the Auzentech Forte (PCIe x1) and I absolutely love it. I also have good M-Audio AV40 speakers. Good speakers are really worth it as they should last dedades if not my entire life.

    You can use Vista drivers sometimes for Windows 7 but I imagine you will need 64-bit drivers. Check your motherboard support/download site first.
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