Whats the best dvd player/dvd writer and also lcd monitor???

HI to all.

whats the best dvd player and dd writer combo that u have encounter? also the best LCD monitor that will last for a long time? durability and performance wise?

hope for all your favorable response on this matter.

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  1. LG makes good DVD writers and decent monitors too, both at very good prices. Samsung is good at both too. Try something like SH-S223F and LG W2452T-TF for example.

  2. There isn't too much difference anymore. Start by going with SATA. That eliminates half the options. This is the combo drive that I use. No complaints so far
  3. It looks good, but I think the OP wants something that can also write DVDs.
  4. My fault. All I read was OP wanted a combo drive. Here is a good burner.
  5. For LCD monitors I like
    Dell , Samsung , Viewsonic , Sony
    but there are other good brands too including the recent LG's

    If you have a particular model you are interested in you can often find out more by searching for reviews online .
    A search like "samsung 2493 review" will let you know pretty quickly what tech sites have thought of the hardware , and what users thought after they had bought one
  6. I'm sure it's not the best, but I have a 22" westinghouse and have no complaints with it. I've also had a sony and hp, but much prefer the westinghouse.
  7. I currently have a Plextor SATA optical combo drive:


    I've been using Plextor for quite a few years. Never had a problem. I am sure there are other optical drives that are just as good but cost a little less.
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