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I recently built my computer and everything was working fine until I tried to swap out an old harddrive. Suddenly, the power stopped working. I'm sure all the connections are in because it was working fine before I tried to replace the HD. I've been messin around with the computer and now I have it where if I hit the power button, the fans briefly spin but die out in a second or two. Could it be that somehow while replacing my HD, I damaged my motherboard?
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  1. It's unlikely that you damaged the motherboard, but you might have dislodged a card or connector. Make sure that expansion cards (you might only have a video card) are fully seated and double-check all connectors.
  2. Unlikely but poosible, the new drive is bad.
  3. Just check and make sure you marked the new drive as "c:/ drive in the bios settings, Maybe this could cause a prob. I replaced a HDD in my Dell and forgot to make sure it was marked for :C drive, when I loaded the O.S. it tried to send to :C which was now my floppy HAHA! after i changed the configuration everything was fine, Also is your power supply rated for your new hardware?? Just some thoghts.
    Good luck
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