Radeon 4870 hd 1 gig underpowered ?

I am running a AMD 9600 quad/ 4 x 1 gig of kingston 800mhz ram, 1 Diamond radeon 4870 hd 1 gb. On a 700 watt power supply.

My video card is running from 80C to 84C will only playing wow. While playing grid it almost reaches into the 90'c is this how the card is supposed to run or is it underpowered.

Also when playing games i recieve terrible fps in world of warcraft, but when i play and of the new games my fps is hay higher. I get an average of 90 fps in grid. 150 in cod4 . 60 - 70 in crysis. But in word of warcraft i only get about 30 fps avg...
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  1. That just means the graphics card isn't limiting you in WoW - something else is. As for temps and everything, those look fine. I wouldn't be worried.
  2. that's just the way wow is.. any pc will generally get 30 fps or less in crowded areas... however in rural areas where there are not many players you should be getting about 70 - 100 fps.. if not try turning down your graphics a bit.
  3. wow stresses the cpu not the gpu, ull get the same frames with a 4830... OC ur cpu if u want more frames...
  4. ALRIGHT then, tys alot i was really worried about it for a while. tys
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