Will adding a 2D monitor hinder performance?

I have a 22" Samsung at 1680x1050 and I was thinking about throwing my old 15" 1024x768 monitor off to the side just for the heck of it. Will this have a big impact on my performance in games? I will just be using the second monitor for 2D stuff while playing games (like HW monitor, GPUZ, etc...). With the games I have now (Source games and CoD:WaW) I have everything maxed and still get over 60 fps.
My thinking is at only 1024x768 and only running 2D stuff it should not be a big deal. Correct me if I'm wrong


Athlon 64 X2 5000 (2.6GHz)
4GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800
Radeon HD 4830 (OCd to 690/1190)

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  1. It wont hinder your performance much, but since when could you even do that (or want to).
  2. It won't hinder your performance enough for you to notice. And don't feel bad, I have an old Dell M781s 17" CRT sitting next to my older Dell P1130 21" CRT.

    And wouldn't give them up at the moment, although the weight is making me consider swapping the 17" CRT for a small cheap LCD just to relieve some extra weight from my desk.
  3. Ive ran nultiple monitors whilst gaming and not seen significant performance hits. Normally use one for internet browsing \ finding guides etc whilst gaming on the main monitor.
  4. Sweet, thanks guys.

    Ugh, I went to setup the other monitor and my computer hated it. First my desktop image disappeared then I kept getting system lockups. While it was 'working' the secondary screen would like, flash or skip around whenever I dragged a window over to it.

    Anyone know what could be going on? Is my overclock of the 4830 not stable with two monitors perhaps?
  5. I don't see why it would give you fits like that, especially locking up the system, try a different driver.

    The only issue I ever had was swapping connectors on the video card to make my 21" Monitor #1, and forgetting to change the resolution and receiving an Out of Range message on the 17" when it tried to run @ 1280x1024 @85hz since its only capable of 75hz.
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