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I have a 2TB hard drive formatted as a dynamic disk, and it has these volumes according to Disk Management:

Backup (B: ) 849.22 GB NTFS
Games (X: ) 168.36 GB NTFS
Games (X: ) 845.44 GB NTFS

Is there any way to merge the last two? Alternatively, if I were to copy the contents of X: to another drive, delete X:, recreate X: as a single partition and copy the contents back, would it work?
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  1. if you can move the data on your 2 Games drives to another partition, even the Backup partition on the same drive, you can then, in Disk Management, delete both Games partitions (though I'm not sure why they have the same drive letter - should not be possible, anyway) and recreate 1 partition of 1013.8MB, then copy your data back.

    bear in mind any programs that reference a drive letter/path that does not exist will not function as previous and reinstallation may be required to get programs working again.
  2. OR you can use a partition manager software like paragon partition manager if u dnt want 2 move your data elsewhr, but be sure not poweroff the pc by any means during the process..
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