4850X2 Crossfire or 4870X2

Let's assume the system is an i7/6gb ram/24" monitor at 19x12

I'm sort of trying to stay on a budget with this build, and I have a 4850X2 selected already and was thinking in about 6-9 months, throwing another one in and crossfireing them to give myself more headroom for another 6~ months after.

Would I be better off just getting a 4870X2?
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  1. I've also recently been looking into the GTX 280, but I'm confused as all hell as to why the listings I find here vary SO much in price, whereas I can't find the spec diferencs (besides the bus being 8-10% faster, which just seems like it's a factory OC'd card for twice the price).

    Thanks for help!

    Seems scaling wise and from the Anantech Multi GPU article that a 280 can hold it's own, if not run SLIGHTLY behind the 4850X2, but if you throw another one in SLI down the line, it crushes everything you throw at it.
  2. Make sure your motherboard will support both sli/xfire before getting the the gpu.
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