Asus P5Q PRO Turbo or GA-EP45 UD3R?

According to question, which one would be better for overclocking, performance and stability?


btw. as of now, is it still worth it to get DDR3 > DDR2 when buying a new computer?
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  1. i had the ud3r for 2 weeks and it worked great with q9450. had great oc option.

    you should look in to EP45C-UD3R. it has 2x DDR3 slots and works great with patriot ddr3 1600 mem stick. build one for a client and he loves it. oc like a champ... oc his q9550 to 3.6ghz w/o any problem. hooked it up with gtx295 and kills all the games @ 1680 x 1050(22" monitor).
  2. myself using asus p5q pro mobo with great oc potential.oc my q9400 to 3.6ghz

    as i knw p5q pro turbo will oc much better.. some more can CF

    for future ddr3 better.bez of windows 7
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