My computer Build + LCS what do you think

OK now a may be going way over board on this computer but i want to to last longer than any off the shelf computer. So heres the deal I have already have every thing on this list either being shipped or in my house now waiting to be put together and would like to see what the moding community things about it. Also i would like to know if i should keep the 4870 x2, buy another one for xfire, or go with other card altogether. The Video card is the only place i way have gone wrong. Thank you for your inp

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz
SAPPHIRE 100251SR Radeon HD 4870 X2 2GB
Western Digital VelociRaptor WD3000HLFS 300GB 10000 RPM

Thermaltake Armor+ LCS
Swiftech MCW60-R VGA Waterbloc
Swiftech CALDERA-HS Heatsink for AMD HD4870X2
and 3 water cooled block for chip set on MB
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  1. pre-built LCS....

    /shakes head
  2. masteryoda34 said:
    pre-built LCS....

    /shakes head

    The only thing that is rebuilt on the LCS is the the thermaltake housing, pump, radiator, rez, fan, and the cpu black. Every thing else I am adding for chip set, and graphics card
  3. well i have done some more research into graphic cards and have come to this conclusion that i will keep the 4870 X2 and latter buy the 4890 X2 when it comes out and run them in crossfire.
  4. thermaltake LCS, not a good idea.

    VRaptor, not a good idea, even the 1TB samsung F1 32MB's beat them.

    1200w not brand name PSU, not a good idea.

    4 dimms of ram where you can only use a max of 4 dimms, bad idea.
  5. Instead you should buy a good psu like Corsair of 850W. Even 850W is too much for what you have.
    8 Gb?! What exactly are you using the pc for? Because 8 gb sounds too much. Also a good air cooling system is more than enough except the situation that you want to do high OC.
  6. Well I see that you do not like the power supply that i have. the only reason i got it is because after doing research on all the power supply on newegg this one was the only one i did not find a bad review i got it. next is the hard dive i already have one so im getting a secon and putting then in raid 0 so i thing that is better.Oh yea i know that 8 gb is over kill on the ram but I want this computer to last for more that 1 year and to answer i do alot of gaming. I know air cooled is just fine but i always wanted to build a water cooled computer. I did lots of resech and looking up every video on youtube.
  7. ^ yeah well you didn't research very well then.

    if you did you would have found out that VRaptor's are rubbish, thermaltake WCS's are about as good as an arctic cooling freezer pro and never trust newegg reviews.
  8. +1 Helloworld_98
    You will just spend money without any real gain in terms of termperature.
  9. yah guess i will not buy second hard drive the I already have the power supply as far as the Vraptor i have it works fine for now i was only going to buy a second one for raid but will look into hard drives later. what about the 4 dimm slots did you not like Helloworld? SOYOU GUYS ARE RALLY NOT FOR WATER COOLED ARE YOU. i JUST WANTED TO SPED THE MONEY FOR SOMETHING I NEVER DID. Ill look up the hard drives you said.
  10. Just go done looking at PSU stats im happy
  11. Looks pretty good but expensive. 1200 W i think is too much unless you want quad sli or crossfire.
  12. Ya thanks I like it and i plan on doing crossfire. Right now i have a ATI 4870 X2 then i will get a 4890 X2 and crossfire them.
    Question Can you link 3 ATI graphics cards. Crossfire to me means 2 so i think not but wow if you could or can.
  13. Do you have to have a raid card to do raid 0 on 2 hard drives
  14. Waiting for Conumdrum to respond.... :D :P

    in the mean time:
    Read Conumdrum's 1st post.
  15. nobrakes79 said:
    Just go done looking at PSU stats im happy

    Don't. If you must really need a 1kW PSU, get a Corsair or a PC Power & Cooling or even a CoolerMaster. Get a good quality PSU and you won't regret it.
    I recommend: PC Power & Cooling, Corsair, OCZ, Antec, SeaSonic.
  16. Quote:

    VRaptor, not a good idea, even the 1TB samsung F1 32MB's beat them.

    Really? Looking at the benches the VelociRaptor easily beats the F1.
    Tom's Hardware - Benchmark -VelociRaptor vs F1
    Are you talking about the old Raptor? The old raptors are indeed beaten by the F1 and pretty much all 7200.11 drives.
  17. Thank You for the info on water cooling it looks like i will need a second radiator because i only have 1 small radiator to handle my CPU, chip set, and GPU. So far i have spent about $2100.00 on everything latest and greatest gear.
  18. Ya thanks Soldier I would like to show pics of my work so far but i will wait tell i post video on youtube. your computer looks great could you send me your steps one over clocking to 4.2 and how big a radiator. Ya Soldier you should wait tell like August September because that is when the 4870 X2 came out last year so the 4890 X2 should come out about that time this year.
  19. I just ordered an extra radiator and 2 140mm fans to mount on it. Now that should keep it all cool.
  20. ^You didn't get the point. The TT kit is going to start leaking 6 months - year down the road.
  21. Well at this point i have painted the case i can not return so when it leak i will mod. i still need to finish the link of yours

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