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So currently I have a 320Gb HDD, and want to get another one to put into raid 0. My question is would I have to reinstall my OS, or is there a way that it can transfer half the data over to the new drive? I dont want to reinstall my OS because its OEM and I heard that w/ OEM that you can only install once (But I may be wrong on that).
My motherboard is the ASUS P7P55d3-Pro, and I am pretty sure it has a built in raid controller.
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    OEM as in HP/Dell etc, or OEM as in OEM vs retail copy of Windows. there are no restrictions for OEM copies of Windows. if its from a HP/Dell etc they can be a PITA. So long as you have the reflective holographic DVD with OEM license on it, your free to install as much as you want on your own built computer.
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