Bad hard drive or corrupt XP?

Good morning all! Last year I bought a new computer from a local retailer. it has a msi motherboard, 250gb hard drive and 6gb ram. It has XP sp2 as an operating system. It ran perfect untill about a month ago. Recently windows will not load at startup untill I roll back the computer a day using COMODO time machine. There are times, when at startup checkdisk runs before loading windows. Checkdisk will claim that one of the drives has to be checked for consistency. It will run the checkdisk program but will not state whether or not there is a problem with the hard drive. I am wondering- is the problem with the hard drive or is XPsp2 corrupt? Is there any program {hopefully free} which will determine what the problem is? I have several virus and spyware programs which after running several times,come up with no problems. I have windows 7 ready to load on top of xp but don't want to untill i know the exact nature of the problem. any ideas? THANK YOU!!!
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  1. Do not use more than one anti-virus program at once. Just use one Internet Security Suite and it should be fine. I also searched for some free scan disk programs but didn't find anything good. Also check if your HDD has developed bad sectors or not. Disk defragment can tell you that.
  2. Some things offered for your consideration, 1, run Scandisk from a floppy [DOS], 2, reinstall right over existing, might be a corruption somewhere, might get lucky ??, 3, go on a fishing expedition here , lot of good stuff to help mess up your computer:), seriously it's a great site...[6g of ram for,,,,,,, xp,,,,,,???]...:)
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