What CPU Fan+Heatsinks fit AM3 sockets?

alright, i'm looking for coolers all over newegg, and i can't tell if this will fit:



thanks for your input.
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  1. The CPU cooler says it will work with 939/940 CPUs.

    The other link is for RAM
  2. whoops, i fixed it now, so does it fit?
  3. should be fine
  4. anything that says it fits AM2 or 939 will fit
  5. that motherboard has an identical-looking heatsink mount to my AM2+ board, and i'm using a freezer 64. you shouldn't have any problems using an AM2 compatible heatsink.
  6. so a AM3 Socket mobo and this Fan/Heatsink will work together? just want a a for sure
  7. AM2/AM2+ and AM3 all use the same heat sink brackets. The differences are in one pinout on the bottom. The physical specs are the same.
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