How to access routers admin menu?

I've got a MP-202 VoIP router which was given by our ISP to make landline phone calls.
The problem is that there's no access to its Web configuration interface.ISP rep told me that if anything ,THEY will access it remotely themselves.My mail server stopped working...
I tried to access MP-202' web interface by typing http://mp202.home in the browser (According to the manual),but it didn't work.Also I tried to type an IP and that also didn't work.
Any ideas?
I forgot to mention that it was probably a special edition of MP-202 customly made by AudioCodes to avoid customer's tweaking of the device.It does NOT have a reset button.
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  1. isp's like to do that so customers can't mess up settings. i haven't found a way around ti yet.
  2. Give your Computer a Manual IP of, Subnet and Gateway as

    Once done open your browser and enter and you will get login page.

    user/pass admin/admin

    you will get the Config page.
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