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  1. not the AMD expert but I would say no. Tom's tried to get a new CPU like that to work on an older board and would not plug and play, but they did get it working.

    Open box is a product Newegg sold and it got returned, for whatever reason. They try to test things but I avoid the stuff.
  2. Yep neither option is good.

    Here is your best low-budget bet:
  3. ok then can anyone recommend any other cheap motherboards I can slap a phenom 2 in, or is it just anything 780+? I would appreciate it.
  4. well any 790 board will be a definite yes, some of the 780's can support phenom II AM3.

    Search into it, a 790 board will almost definetly give you crossfire.

    And if your on a budget get a 710 X3 instead and then a better motherboard, try and get one with a SB750 and 790 chipset.
  5. I'm on a really tight budget of 250$ as of right now and have to buy least 2 gigs of ram too, I'm going to get another 150$ in two weeks but i'm not good at waiting.. and I still have to buy my bro a hd 4670 and a case, that's what I was planning on spending the 150$ on.

    anyways, I'm looking for a motherboard and processor combo within 250$(minus memory cost) that will hopefully smoke the **** out of my current setup amd x2 5000+ 2.8 ghz + nvidia MCP61 foxconn mobo, and won't bottleneck my 9800 gt like it does... I looked at the x3 710 but wasn't too turned on by the fact that I can't overclock it too easily, but I am on a budget ..and open to any suggestions.. just looking to get the most out of my games. thank you.

    edit: just found this, watcha guys think?

  6. an X2 5000 ain't bottlenecking a 9800GT

    It's pretty hard to bottle neck anything below a 4850 unless you have a single core.

    And a 710 is just an underclocked and locked 720, so it'll probably go to 3ghz or so which will easily be enough for a 9800GT.
  7. ok so upgrading my cpu and motherboard isn't going to do much for games? :/ what do I do then?? I dunno if this matters but I game at 1280 x 768 on a 17 inch LCD.
  8. Every system is bottlenecked by it's slowest part. That part can change depending on which game or application you are running at that time. Your performance will improve no matter what you upgrade, so it's just a question of which upgrade will get you the best performance.
  9. Hello

    1.It works on AM+ BUT, see this link, it´s the best what i have seen for long time.

    2. Keep an eye on the manufacturers homepage, to see if your mainboard can handle the upgrade or not.

    Gigabyte: www.gigabyte.com.tw/FileList/WebPage/mb_081225_am3/tech_081225_am3bios.htm
    Asus: event.asus.com/mb/AM3_CPU_Support/
    MSI: global.msi.com.tw/html/popup/MB/45nm/en/index.html
  10. What is your computer doing while gaming that makes you wanna upgrade it to be faster? From your specs listed I would think the 9800GT would pretty much max any game out at 1280 x 768 that resolution isn't very high at all most games should max out with no problem. Also your budget for what you want isn't big enough. You could buy a low end board and a high end processor but its not a smart move thing with computers is your only as good as your cheapest slowest part. So buying a cheap board and putting a Fast CPU isn't gonna help anything its just gonna cause problems (cheap boards don't over clock at all. I done something similar my self and it ended up being a 6 week nightmare of trying to get things to work correctly.
  11. oh it's cool, I'm going with the 7750 black edition probably with a 4850, should be good! well thanks for the help guys. :)
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