SSDs symbolic link and read speeds

If I have a SSD as my main drive and a HDD as my second drive and put my steam game folder on the second drive using a symbolic link do I still benefit from the SSD read speed, Google it but couldn't find a defiant answer, thanks for the help.

Q6600 3.6 Ghz
GIGABYTE P45 Motherboared
4 GB ram
Radeon HD 4890 1 GB video card
2xkingston V series 64GB SSD in raid0
1 Seagate 500 G B 7200.12 hard drive
ZALMAN 9700 cpu cooler
650 power supply
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    The data is being read from a slow drive so the only benefit the SSD is giving you is a significant reduction in the (already negligible) file lookup overhead created by symlinks. It would be no different to simply installing Steam to the HDD.
  2. Thanks for the reply, so the SSD allows me to read off the HDD faster than if my main drive was also a HDD or am I wrong, thanks again.
  3. No. data on the SSD is read faster than the data on the HDD.

    SSDs don't make HDDs faster!

    SSD don't improve games, only makes them load faster, beit the game, maps, or pages.
  4. Ok I understand thanks for all your help.
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