Ideal HDD for OS?

I am going to reinstall Windows 7 soon, and trying to figgure out the ideal HDD for OS.
But I got too many drives and began wondering of what would give the best performance.

My current HDDs are:

2x Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB - 32 mb cache. (WD1001FALS)
2x Western Digital Caviar Blue - 500GB - 16mb cache. (WD5000AAKS)

I believe the Black wins performance wise against the Blue, but i am worried it will loose in the long run.
Because hard drives gets slower when they get more and more data on them, correct?
Also, is partioning worth doing?

Would love if someone would explain detailed, why i should choose one of the HDD over the other.
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  1. Hello,

    The Caviar Blacks are the highest performers of the 3 WD drive groups, The Blacks are for performance and run hotter, the Blues are a compromise between performance and energy saving, and the Greens are the most energy efficient, slowing in rotation speed when not actively being used.
    All platter based HDD will read and write data slower when they have to place it further out on the platters.

    Listed is the comparison URL sheet comparing the 3 types:

    Since you have 4 WD HDD's already and are concerned about speed, why not purchase a SSD for the Win-7 OS, say 100 GB, and store your data on the Cariar blacks? Win-7 Ultimate takes up 30-40 GB of space. A SSD would very significantly increase your OS performance, with read, write speeds of 200-250 MB/s.

    Partitioning a HDD is done for several reasons, safety, speed, better space utilization, easy in OS reinstallation but it doesn't necessarily increase access speed if done on the same physical disc. Here is a good review by Mitch Tullock on Partitioining :

    Hope that's helpful.
  2. John, i am not considering SSD right now because of price.
    Not really willing to pay more than 125 euro for space to OS, games and applications.
    (Which would be around 200-300GB)

    Also, im not really thinking of the security when it comes to Partioning.
    Only reason i think it sounds nice is because of faster defrags.
    (And perhaps a performance boost, but which you denied right now)

    I think i am going to do this:

    - Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB splitted into:

    Windows Partition, 20 GB
    Applications, Games - 200GB
    Storage - 711GB?

    or just use everything in one partition.
  3. Out of the one you have in the list, i would say the Black is always better.

    About your partitions. I would go for a partition of more than 50GB for the OS. Because whether you try or not the C: drive always bloats up. And a cluttered windows drive makes the PC even slower.
    I also prefer a keeping a separate small 2GB-3GB partition just for the virtual memory. I don't like to have it mixed up with the C drive.
  4. Place your virtual memory paging file on a different spindle (i.e. physical HDD) from the OS spindle.
  5. Hi again,

    I agree, if you are going to install Win-7 cleanly, use at least a 50 partition preferably more so there is room to defrag the drive rapidly. I recently installed Win-7 Ultimate with AIT graphic drivers on a large WD Cavier Black HDD, without any additional programs and it took a little over 32 GB of space! That's with no programs, games, or data transferred. Of the drive choices you have, I'd also pick the WD Caviar Black for the OS.

    Another thing to consider, would be to put the OS on its own partition, say < 100 GB, and down the road when the SSD drives become reasonable in price, you could clone it over to a SSD without any problem, an easy step.

    Hope that helps.
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