Amd x4 b50 cpu overclocking to 3.8ghz

i am bit puzzeled because my cpu wont overclock higher than 3.6 ghz
i am currently at 3.6ghz with 1.434 in bios and 1.464 in cpuz......i dont know cpuz shows wrong readings.
Ram is at 7-7-7-20-1t 1333mhz but it is not a ram issue as it is rated for 8-8-8-20-1t 1600 mhz
cpu northbridge at 2400mhz @1.434 v it does not boot below it....
I have recently installed cooler master hyper 212+ and my temps are good
idle@22 c
load@38 c while gaming and 42 c while prime95 stability test
mainboard is msi 785g-e53 has a lot of options.
Please help me i want to reach 3.8 stable.
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  1. Set the NB frequency to 2600 with the same voltage and rise the FBS more to get the 3.8GHZ but u will also need more CPU voltage.
  2. I am a bit greedy i want more from it.....
    When i overclocked it to 3.8 ghz it was having 1.56v in it and the temps were 47 max and now i am at 3.75 with 1.49v and mx is 43c and ive even realized that my processor has a weak core its one core fails after some time ,but when i prime it is sometimes worker 2 but sometimes worker 3 ,then how to disable the weak core to make the tricore . .......????? Help me ..... Thanks in advance
  3. thanks saint for advice , i used ur guide to install the cooler master hyper212+
    great guide well described
  4. anything above 3600 mhz at any voltage is a no go however i have bumped the northbridge at 2600 mhz now it is at 3.6ghz /2.6 northbridge
    temps are 28 idle and 44 max on max heat test of prime 95
  5. Dissable Cool'n'Quite and C1E and check in the BIOS should exist some option to set the tri-core always.
  6. no......... 2600 for nb is also a no go..... Does not boot at even 1.5v
  7. ya there is a option to select the cores but how is this possible that all cores work till 3600mhz but not above that.........
    And how to check which core must be disabled.....????
  8. You probably just reached the limit of your chip. There's a reason it didn't get marked as a 955 or 965 after all.
  9. 3.7 is the limit........ Above that is a bsod

    anyway thanks for the reply
  10. @zipzoomfly----the instructions with the cooler are not sufficient .......i was not able to understand them without the guide
  11. I can only get 3.8GHz on mine with dangerous voltage so I settled at 3.7 as well. And I agree the 212+ instructions are crap
  12. will see next gen amd cpu overclocking if they do not 4ghz well then ill surely jump to intel i7or i9 whatever.....

    Been a amd nvidia fanboy for last 8 yrs and now have bought a hd5850 recntly due to performance beyond limits
  13. ive recently noticed that a smell like of something burning like in wires starts to come when i overclock the card hd5850 to 900 mhz core .....or is it the smell from the thermal paste that is being set......due to new cpu cooler
  14. If you are getting 3.6 Ghz prime64 solid from a 720BE you are very lucky. Give up on risking an unstable 3.8 for bragging rights or buy a 965BE C3
  15. it is a x2 550 unlocked to x4 b50
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