Asrock G41 M-LE NOT compatible with Win 7?

I have recently (and unfortunately?) bought an Asrock motherboard for a friend having noticed on the box and the website ( that the m/b is 'Compatible with Windows 7'. I installed Windows 7 RC (build 7100) and everything went fine. Video is fine, everything is fine, except there is no sound. The sound chip is a VIA VT1708S (Intel 82801 GB ICH7) and there appears to be no driver that will work under Windows 7.

I have never heard of anything so ridiculous.

There are no Windows 7 drivers to be found at all on the Asrock website. There is not even a mention of Windows 7 or any upcoming drivers.

Does anyone know what is going on with Asrock and whether or not they are going to get their fingers out and produce some new drivers?

This is the first, and last, Asrock board that I will ever buy. Normally I buy ASUS and I have never had a problem with any OS ever.

I really don't know what I was thinking the day I bought this Asrock s**t.

That feels better (sorry). Could anyone help please?
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  1. Try putting the Asrock driver disk in and then go to device manager, open the sound, video and game controller, right click the audio (probably with a ? by it), update driver software, browse my computer directing the update at the cd/dvd drive. hopefully it will do 2 updates, one for the audio and also for the HDMI audio output ......Usually works!
    Good luck.
  2. Im using an Asrock mobo and it works fine for me....

    Make sure you have the latest BIOS if you want smooth operation......
  3. Thanks, I will try your suggestions when I get the chance... the m/c belongs to a friend. I'll post back and tell you if your suggestions work.
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