The display driver has stopped working and has recovered (ATi)

when I am playing games, such as Farcry 2, CoD:WaW: or Dawn of War 2, my screen will turn black and and my com reboots without a blue screen(after disabling the auto restart on error) sometimes I am able to alt + tab before the game crashes (such as empire: total war, the game will keep reloading the graphics when i am in game like its trying to reload the game once I am back in it will go into a loop and then a hard reboot of my com).

I am using an ATI HD4870 PCS+ by powercolor I've tried underclocking it but it wouldn't work it still happens. I am lost now.
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  1. Are you overclocking the CPU?
    What PSU are you using?
    How hot is the GPU getting?
  2. No I did not overclock anything, I am using Thermaltake toughpower 850Watts and my card is at 49c -52c at idle and about 70c when playing games.

    I've amped up the Fan speed to 100% for my Card and switch my casing fan to high and it still has this problem, I've tried the system config method too but failed.

    some games like crysis or C&C3 works fine. thats what puzzles me.. :(
  3. I am having a very similar problem with games like Fallout 3 and World at War, but Command and Conquer 3 runs just fine without a hitch at all. I am using an HD4890 on Windows 7 64-bit.

    I see your post is from over 6 months ago - did you manage to resolve the issue at all?
  4. I have that same issue with the 64bit Win7 and ATI. It can be reproduced by turning on hardware acceleration with flash and then going full screen for me.

    Also some 1080p movies through VLC and fullscreen will cause a crash like that.

    Everything bogs down, black screen and I have to hard reboot.

    I can get the same problem with games if I have a moving playing on my other monitor and try to play certain games. Games like Champions online though that support pretty seemless alt tabbing work just fine, but something like Farcry 2 will cause a system crash.

    Phenom II with a gigabyte board, but not sure if it is an issue with Windows 7 x64 or with ATI.
  5. This problem had plagued me since the installation of Windows 7 and trying various drivers etc.

    I found that the Intel Chipset drivers were not and would not install correctly, so I installed them manually via device manager and have not had this problem since.

    Drivers now show Intel rather than Microsoft.
  6. Same issue ;(!
  7. Ive had the same problem. Ive tried just about everything besides updating the chipset.

    Sapphire 4890
    Win 7 64
    4 gb ram
    Gigabyte p55 ud3r MB

    Ive updated the drivers everytime something else comes out.

    @tywyn What were the chipset drivers for? The motherboard?

  8. I have the same problem here. I upgraded from windows vista 32bit to Windows 7 ultimate 64bit and the problem still the same.

    My specs:
    Laptop Toshiba Core 2 duo T9550@2.66GHz. 4GB RAM.
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD4650

    You know what i say about this? ATI never again! NVidia come back again, I forgive you!
  9. I get the same issue but I have Nvidia GPU so its not just an ATI problem. Some games runs fine while others like Empire Total War crash with out blue screen or reload.

    Tried reinstalling drivers, no luck. Could this be sound related?

    Im using Vista 32bit,
    Q9000 or something Quad processor CPU
    SLI grpahics card 9000 range I cant remember my spec and im on my laptop ATM.
  10. I first played this game on a nforce 780i based card, the cpu is Q6600 clocked to 3.0GHz, I have 4 GB of ram and a Geforce GTX 295 GPU.

    The initial try was on Windows 7 64 bit, the driver stops responding then restarts sometimes 3 times in 5 minutes, then the computer freezes, and I have to restart. I later installed Win Xp 32bit again, and tried both the newest driver, a beta driver even newer, and the older 182 drivers that worked for some. The game now freezes after 10 seconds of playing.

    The best solution for me so far has been Vista 32 bit with Geforce 9800GX2.

    That one worked for almost 2 hours before the first crash.
  11. Hi guys, I had the same problem about 2 weeks ago. I was updating drivers every time a new one would come out. I rolled back from 9.10 to 9.8 and it stopped. 9.8 is working perfectly.

    hope this helps.
  12. Same issue here, slightly different GPU

    Running ATI HD 5770
    Windows 7 Pro 64 bit (Fresh install, current updates)
    i5 Processor
    ASUS P7P55D PRO MB with latest bios
    4GB Ram
    NO Overclocking of any sort.

    Brand new build - not sure if this is hardware or software...

    Anyone find a solution yet?
  13. Try updating the Motherboard chipset drivers. I have the 5870, and my brother has a 5850. Both of us ran into these issues, and both of us fixed it with the motherboard chipset drivers(latest). Only problem is that we both have Asus motherboards, so I don't know if this will work for the other manufacturers.
  14. This has been a problem for a very very long. I've spent several HOURS tryin to find a solution but so far none.
    Visiontek Radeon HD 3870 Overclocked 512MB PCIe
    AMD phenom x4 9650 Quad 2.31GHz
    Win7 64-bit
    The common suggestions have been underclocking, GPU Driver Update, Turn Aero off, upgrade memory, defective GPU, downgrading to XP etc.
    The problem is between Windows and the GPU Driver even the most recent updated driver will not fix the problem long term for any card and this is a problem with both ATI and nVidia.
    I'm sure both companies have gotten tons of requests for a fix but they dont seem to know how to fix it, so for now we jus gotta deal with it and hope that a fix is found.
  15. Hi guys, I had the same problem, but only short after login.

    Tried several "solutions" for that, without success.

    After i installed the newest IntelInf driver, the Problem still existed.
    I don't know why, but Windows does not updated the Driver really.
    After i figured that out, i opened the Device manager -> and System devices and updated everything beginning with Intel..... with the newest driver manually. (Rightclick -> Update software driver... -> Browse -> Pick the extracted driver -> Ok.

    Rebooted, Problem gone.

    I hope, it helps someone.

    My config:
    Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
    Corsair 3x 2GB
    XFX 5970 BE

    windows 7 x64
    Catalis 10.3
  16. I have a fix not a workaround a fix. uninstall CCC completly or you may need to do a fresh Windows install then do a custom install of CCC uncheck everything except driver and CCC and the 2 that are manditory the problem is in one of the extras ATI installs i belive it is the one on the botom of the list that is causing the problem its an extra that is suposed to make thigs trasition smother or somthing.
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