Tengo dos tarjetas gráficas: SLI GTX 480 y Core i7 980x, además de cinco discos duros. ¿Es suficiente con una fuente de almentación corsair de 1000 watios? Gracias.
I've got two grafic cards: SLI GTX 480 and Core 980x, and five hard disc drive. ¿Can I use a corsair 1000 watt power supply? Thank You
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  1. Yes. If you run this machine 24/7, you won't need a space heater in your room this winter.
  2. Hi Sepe and welcome to THG.

    The 1000W PSU is enough, even a 850W-900W can handle that rig.

    And please don't use Spanish language here since this is English forum.

    P.D. Saludos :lol:
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