9800GTX Artifacts (ATI tool)

Hi all!
From few days till here I've got few artifacts while trying some demos from NVIDIA and playing a game.
I got changes of colours on the games, and few garbage polygons around, even if I'm in the game and I minimize to windows desktop, there're there in the desktop too, not just in the game :(

After that I just run the ATI TOOL to check the artifacts, and after a while i got it:

My system is:
4GB kingston 1066

The thing is that I put few weeks ago 2GB of RAM (Before I had just 2GB), they're the same model. But I just was a little lazy to reinstall Vista64Bits, so I decided to wait few weeks more before reformat.
Could be possible that it's because of the amount of memory? Limited to 3GB because OS?

Any help will be really welcome.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Quote:
    Are you overclocking the video card? What are the gpu temps during testing?

    You dont need to re-install windows when adding 2gb or memory. No its not a OS limitation.

    I'm not overclocking the GPU, it uses the bases values (Core 740Mhz and Memory 950Mhz).
    The temperature ranges where I get artifacts in ATI Tools go from 52º till 61º that I think it's quite low for this kind of graphic card.

    About the OS, what I mean that i didnt explain good, is that I'm using right now Vista32Bits so the RAM it's limited to 3GB so I'm losing the 1GB left, so I should install Vista64Bits to be able to use the whole 4GB modules of RAM. Just in the case it could be a problem.

    Thank u for your fast answer
  2. Ok so your card gives artifacts in games and general use and during testing. I would say your card is bad.
    As you say the hemps are ok so its not that and the Ram issue isnt a factor.

  3. No, during general use doesn't give artifacts, It's when I'm running games or 3D apps, but those artifacts doesn't keep just in the windows of the current application but also goes to the whole screen out from that application.
    But they stopped as soon as I turn off that 3D application.
  4. Best answer
    Ok so its just 3d stuff but its still knackered. You could try down clocking it a bit to see if you can get it stable at a lower clock but if it was me i would send it back, if you can.

  5. I sent it back to the RMA and I got new one :)
    Thank you very much for your advice
  6. The 32 bit OS will work fine with the 4gb of RAM but it will only access 3.5gb, (trust me I've done it before.) The artifacts are most likely a video card problem.
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